Beauty Box – Malaysia

When the beauty box hype first hit our shores, I was a super excited but I wondered if our local beauty boxes could match up to those offered by BirchBox and GlossyBox. Thus unfortunately instead of plunging right in I sat on the fence waiting and watching to see what they had to offer. However by the time I was ready to jump on the bandwagon(Fabulous Finds¬†September Box was positively smashing!!!), FF’s Hui Ling announced that she was regretfully closing the service due to health concerns.

Now 3 months down the road and lesson well learnt I’ve decided to go all in. As of now I have subscribed to 4 Beauty Box services.




BBF Beauty Box


I loved some of the boxes I received and cant wait to share them with you. So hang on tight for rave’s and reviews!!!

p/s : I hear we have a new entrant into the field. Mivva Box is launching their first box in time for Christmas. Check them out at

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