Wonderbox, November 2012 – Simply Colourific

Wonderbox premiered their first box in October of 2012. However at that time, as per my previous post I was still on the fence with regards to beauty boxes. When their debut box came out, it was a really good effort. With a mix of skincare, makeup and body care they featured 3 full sized and 2 trial sized items which included brands like Clinelle, Elianto, Body Shop and Sothys.

Fast Forward a month later and I too have received my first Wonderbox.

Finally, it's here.... Wonderbox Nov 2012

Finally, it’s here…. Wonderbox Nov 2012

Initially when I got it, I was a little shocked as it was really light. Perhaps I was expecting a much heavier box in light of their previous box.

For November, Wonderbox mixed it up a bit by coming up with 2 variations of their box. I thought this was a good as it meant that the profile test I took counted for something. They had a black ribbon and pink ribbon box.

I received the pink box !!!

I received the pink box !!!

I received the pink ribbon box and this is what was in it.

  • 1.     Hydra Radiance Lip Gloss Mini Combo(4 pc set ) – office Makeup USA worth RM 138. (the enclosed card lists this item as 3D Resplendent Lip Gloss but after careful searching I came across the below site)


  • 2.   Color Glaze Eyeshadow,office Makeup USA.  Retail price : RM 88/3.5g
  • 3.    Sampar Vivid Radiance Serum ( 2.5ml).  Retail price  : RM 279 for 30ml
  • 4.    Sampar- Glamour Shot ( 2.5ml).  Retail price : RM 173 for 30 ml
  • 5.    Sampar Lavish Dream Cream ( 2.5ml). Retail price : RM 423 for 50 ml
  • 6.    Sampar RM 35 Cash Voucher – for a minimum spend of RM 100.
Colourific !!!

Colourific !!!

Now my verdict, ta da…. Initially I felt the skincare samples were just too small for me to make an informed decision on whether I would purchase the full sized item. I have to say that I absolutely loved the Glamour Shot all 2.5 ml of it though it only lasted me 2 applications. Bigger sample sizes next time, please?!!

Sampar Samples....

Sampar Samples….

The lip gloss and eye shadow were also great. Their combined retail value totaling RM 226, which is an excellent deal considering I only paid RM 39.90 for my box.

Hydra Radiance Mini Lip Gloss Combo

Hydra Radiance Mini Lip Gloss Combo

I love the eyeshadow... I'm dark skinned and this pigmented colour works well with my skin tone. Glides on well too.

I love the eyeshadow… I’m dark skinned and this pigmented colour works well with my skin tone. Glides on well too.

 Another thing worth mentioning was the Wonderbox Facebook team was exceptional in their handling of queries. My eyeshadow was cracked upon arrival and they responded to me immediately with a solution and tips on how to fix the product.

Would I continue with the subscription….Yes, I think they have done a good job with their November box and whilst make up may not be everyone’s cup of tea, a good mix up from month to month means that we get to try new brands, some of which I’m hearing for the first time.

So to the Wonderbox Team…. Good Job and here’s hoping your Christmas box will be a smashing success!!!




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