BBF Pack – Beauty on a Budget

Guess what lovelies …… BBF is set to debut their first BBF Pack!!! Yes, you heard me right, a beauty pack. Now, I’m sure some of you might be asking…what exactly is a beauty pack? Just like you, I asked the same question to the team at BBF and here’s what they clued me in on.

BBF Pack

BBF Pack – The team at BBF are keeping the actual design of their pack a surprise until their debut…. so hang on tight to your seats until they reveal what it will finally look like.

The folks at BBF Box who bring us the lovely BBF beauty boxes have now introduced a smart, new subscription for beauty lovers on a budget called the BBF Pack. BBF Box is offering this new subscription service in response to requests from college goers, university students and others who would also love to receive a beauty surprise every month but on a smaller scale.

BBF is set to debut their first pack this month…. Woots!!! The pack which costs RM 15 a month is inclusive of delivery and will feature 1 or 2  normal sized plus sample or deluxe sized items each month.

The team at BBF Box hopes that by launching the BBF Pack those who would otherwise not be able to afford subscribing to a higher priced deluxe beauty box service will still be able to partake in the joy of receiving a package of beauty goodies each month.

For those of you who are already subscribing to BBF Beauty Boxes there’s good news for you too. BBF Box has recently announced the new pricing restructure for their beauty box subscriptions effective January 2013.


BBF Box Calendar 2013

BBF Calendar 2013

Wow!!! 15% discount for months with festivities is just super and it makes me glad!!! Even though their January box is not out yet, I’m already looking forward to their February Box which is not only 15% off but also coincides with both Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day.

For more information on BBF Box and BBF Pack as well as subscription details, you can visit them at or check out their Facebook Fan Page at!/pages/BBF-Beauty-BOX/273876529375710

This is me signing off for now …. TC and have an absolutely great week ahead !!!


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