BBF Beauty Box, January 2013 – It’s Rockin’ MUA !!!

Hey lovelies, been a while since I last dropped a few lines…it’s been a crazy start to a what is already a bright & beautiful new year and I’ve had loads to do. I’m due for a much needed break and when the courier guy popped by with a big,pink package it was very much the reprieve I was looking for.

Now lets talk about this Big Pink Package that I was none other than the much awaited complimentary January New Year Box from BBF Beauty Box. I have been keeping up with their FB page looking for hints on what to expect so when I saw signs that MUA or Makeup Academy was going to be featured, I was excited.

Now for those of you who have already got your BBF boxes, the first thing you would have noticed is that it was really heavy… for me that’s a big plus point.

BBF Box ships out their beauty boxes in a hot pink outer box with the BBF logo emblazoned on top and a Fragile sticker is stuck to keep the flap secure so the box stays tamper proof.

The box arrived on time and in excellent condition.

The box arrived on time and in excellent condition.

Below the pretty pink packaging lies the actual box, a classically stylish black box that is really sturdy. The box is a slip out and I have already recycled a few of these boxes to make something really useful…will share some pictures with you soon.


The actual box, matte black with BBF's logo emblazoned in silver.

The actual box, matte black with BBF’s logo emblazoned in silver.

As I slip out the box, I’m greeted by BBF’s signature wrapping paper and a wonderful smell.


The first thing that hits me is that something in here smells so good… I just cant wait to find out just what it is.

And now for my favourite part, this is always my most anticipated moment, when I get to see what’s below….. many items!!!

A box full of beauty products and now I knew what that amazing smell was….DOT

This is what I received:

  1. MUA Lipstick Shade 4,3.8g – RM n/a
  2. MUA Lipstick Shade 9,3.8g – RM n/a
  3. MUA Eyebrow Pencil, Brunette – RM n/a
  4. Biore Oil In-Cotton Wipes Travel Pack(10pcs/pck) – RM 6.90
  5. Sister Diary Cherry Arbutin Mask,1 pc – RM 39.90 for 10 pcs
  6. Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner,80ml – RM 10.70 for 180ml
  7. Dove Straight & Silky Conditioner,80ml – RM 10.70 for 180ml
  8. DOT by Marc Jacobs Eau De Parfum Spray,1.2ml
  9. Keepsake Tin Box
  10. Makeup Bag/Toiletry Pouch

The first thing that caught my eye was the pretty tin box with Valentine motifs all over. I love boxes (it must be because I enjoy compartmentalizing everything including at times my life 😛 ) so when I saw this one, I already had a couple of uses for it in mind.

Valentine's Keepsake

Valentine’s Keepsake

 Nice huh? I’m sure you’re all interested to know what was in the was I and this was below….

Not 1 but 2 MUA Lipsticks

Not 1 but 2 MUA Lipsticks

I loved the fact that they included 2 MUA lipsticks; mine were Lipstick shade 4 and Lipstick shade 9. According to the BBF’s FB Fan Page the two colours are intended to create varying day & night looks. Along with the lipsticks I also received their Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette. MUA products are not available in Malaysia, but they do ship internationally via Royal Mail.

Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette

Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette

I’ve never tried MUA’s products before though I’ve heard a lot about them. MUA or Makeup Academy is a UK based company that was founded in 2010. They have two cosmetic lines, MUA and MUA Professional. MUA has created quite an impact in the makeup industry where everything under the MUA range is priced at £1 making it super affordable. You can check out thier FB fan page here!/MUAmakeupacademy?fref=ts To make things even better, MUA is offering 50% off everything in their store plus free shipping (I’m not sure if this applies to international shipping as well, so please check with them to be sure) when they hit 50,000 likes on their FB page…they’re already at 48XXX, so it’ll be a matter of days before they hit their target. So for all those of you who are keen on MUA this is your chance to sample a wider range of thier products. You can view a complete range of their products here,

Moving on, BBF also included some well loved products this time around. The Biore Cleansing Oil-In Cotton Wipes is a favourite of mine simply because it removes makeup including stubborn eye makeup effectively without leaving a greasy feeling after. This travel pack is just the right size to take on vacation or to pop in your handbag.

Biore Cleansing Oil-In Cotton Wipes

Biore Cleansing Oil-In Cotton Wipes

Also included was a Sister Diary Cherry Arbutin Mask. Sister Diary is Taiwanese based company in the likes of Beauty Diary and they’ve got quite a following in the Beauty Mask Industry. The Cherry Arbutin Mask is has the twin purpose of whitening and removing dark spots.

Sister Diary Cherry Arbutin Mask

Sister Diary Cherry Arbutin Mask

BBF didnt leave out haircare and included 2 Dove products. I received the Hair Fall Rescue and Straight & Silky Conditioners. I’m not too sure if they meant to include a shampoo & conditioner set, have yet to see what others have received.

Dove Conditioners - Hair Fall Rescue and Straight & Silky

Dove Conditioners – Hair Fall Rescue and Straight & Silky

Remember earlier on in the post, I mentioned something smelled so good… Yes, it was a DOT by Marc Jacobs perfume vial. It really does live up to it’s hype. This is on my wishlist and if hubby does not buy it for me, I’m still getting it anyway.

DOT by Marc Jacobs

DOT by Marc Jacobs

And finally to the last item in the box…. a makeup pouch/toiletry bag. Nice touch, it’s big and roomy and can house all your toiletries on the go. This one my daughter has already snagged and filled with her hairbands and stuff.


BBF Beauty Box - January 2013

BBF Beauty Box – January 2013

All in I received 10 items ( 8 beauty products and 2 box/pouch ) and for me that was quite a haul. I’d been hoping to try MUA products for quite some time now, and now I finally can. Ringgit wise it’s a little hard to put a value on the box as some of the items are not available in Malaysia, but rough math puts the box at about RM80 (including International Delivery) which is double their subscription rate of RM 40.

I do think BBF has been doing a good job lately of bringing in lots of International brand names which we dont have local access to. It’s always great to try new products and experience first hand what is making waves abroad. Did I like BBF January Box? Most Definitely…..For those of you keen to subscribe to them you can check them out at or connect with them at!/pages/BBF-Beauty-BOX/273876529375710?fref=ts

I’m looking forward to trying on my rockin’ MUA cosmetics soon, so look out for my review!!! Until later…xoxo

3 thoughts on “BBF Beauty Box, January 2013 – It’s Rockin’ MUA !!!

    • yes, i did… spent about GBP30… will have to wait a month to receive the package as they’re sending the items out by regular airmail… will post some pictures when it comes!… 🙂

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