Locked on Lilac – The Lilac Box Debut !!!

OMG, I have hardly had the time to blog since moving into my new place… the craziness of unpacking, new driving routes, uninstalled kitchen appliances and a host of other things have kept me away from doing what I truly enjoy. Nevertheless, I endeavour to start finding the time to get into routine…lets see how that works out in the near future.

So getting down to business, I’m here to share with you about my blind date with a box !!! The Lilac Box, brainchild of 3 youthful,fun and enterprising guys is probably the newest beauty box subscription service to hit our shores. Their emphasis on curating only premium and luxury brands first got my attention… I love my beauty products, so the more high-end the better.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a blind date…. been married for umpteen years and all that so when my ‘blind date in a box’ finally arrived I was super excited especially since it was just in time for Valentines. The team at TLB used GDex, package which was securely wrapped arrived on time.

Delivered by GDex

Delivered by GDex

I ripped open the courier envelope to find another box, Wow!!! these guys really take delivery seriously, with secure packaging like this, I knew everything would arrive in tip-top condition. I have to shout out Big Thumbs up for the green effort, no plastic bubble wrap and the box is recyclable.

Box within a box!!!

Box within a box!!!

Ta da !!! Now for what’s below. A sturdy beige box loving tied with a polka-dotted lilac ribbon. Simple yes… but I’m all for minimalistic packaging… both the box and the ribbon have already been reused, so that makes me happy!!!

This is what the debut Lilac Box looks like !!!

This is what the debut Lilac Box looks like !!!

Ok, so let’s get to the exciting bit, when I take my first peek into what’s under the lid…

I like this... Check- Done Already

I like this… Check- Done Already

And then for what was below the lid!!!

The good stuff covered in lilac coloured tissue paper

The good stuff covered in lilac coloured tissue paper

Can you see all those lovely items peeking out?

Can you see all those lovely items peeking out?

A pink envelope dotted with colourful hearts, how pretty….this one was immediately snagged by my little girl!!! Inside a welcome note from ‘The 3 Guys From The Lilac Box’.

Welcome note

Welcome note

And then I discovered this. Woots!!! Not only premium as promised, but the variety as well a quantity of beauty products left me with a big grin.

So lets list down what I received

  1. Roberto Cavalli Perfumed Body Lotion, 30 ml
  2. Kerastase Resistance Reconstructing Shampoo, 80ml
  3. Kerastase Resistance Reinforcing and refinishing treatment, 75ml
  4. MaXFactor Limited Edition Nailfinity Nai Polish in Boji
  5. Decleor Paris Essential Cleansing Milk, 10ml
  6. Decleor Paris Essential Tonifying Lotion, 10ml
  7. Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base, 4 sample sachets

2 vouchers

  • Kerestase – Centro Hair Saloon RM 50 voucher
  • Decleor Paris – Signature Aromatherapy Facial @ RM 98
Super Woots!! I so love all these.... Good Job Guys

Super Woots!! I so love all these…. Good Job Guys

Roberto Cavalli Perfumed Body Lotion 30ml

Roberto Cavalli Perfumed Body Lotion 30ml

Kerastase Shampoo 75ml

Kerastase Shampoo 75ml

Kerastase Treatment Mask - 80ml

Kerastase Treatment – 80ml

Max Factor Nailfinity in Boji

Max Factor Nailfinity in Boji

Decleor Cleanser & Toner, 10ml each

Decleor Cleansing Milk & Toning Lotion, 10ml each


Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base, 4 sample sachets



Now I know that I’ve always put Ringgit value on each box I receive, but its getting harder especially when the retail value of each product is not listed. Nevertheless for me this box far exceeded it’s subscription cost of RM 35. I’m so impressed with the box that I’m already ‘stalking’ their website hoping for news on their second box. However the question remains on what price tag it will come with. As mentioned on their website “The first Lilac Box is attractively priced at a specially discounted rate of RM35 including delivery”.  So far there have been no indicators  on how much their future boxes will cost. One thing I do know is that I write this… the guys at the Lilac Box are busy scouting for goodies in Paris… yes, that’s right…. check out their FB fan page to find out more https://www.facebook.com/thelilacbox

And for those of you who are keen to try out The Lilac Box for yourself and experience a blind date first hand, head over to the website to register yourself. http://www.thelilacbox.com/ The guys at TLB have been generous, they’ve given out voucher links for some of the product samples by their partner brands, so stay tuned. I’m already on this boat, so will let you know when we’ve hit port next.

p/s: Having my first GIVEAWAY, check it out here

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