bag of love 2

Hi Ladies, remember I mentioned earlier that the Bag of Love together with Delectable by Su in collaboration with the brilliant bloggers at The Butterfly Project will be organizing an event. Yup, they have confirmed that there will be an April Bag of Love – Unboxing happening at the cupcake confectionary of Delectable by Su @ Paradigm Mall.

bag of love 1

Themed ‘The Unboxing Begins’, this event is scheduled for Saturday, the 27th of April ( though there seems to be a slight typo with the advert) and 30 lucky bloggers broken up into 2 groups will be selected at attend the unboxing event.

Now this review campaign is organized by the Butterfly Project and I can’t rave enough about how GREAT they are. So for those of you keen to be a part of this event, click here. For more information on the Butterfly Project and the awesome work they do, check out their FB Fan Page here

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be one of those lucky one’s selected to attend. I’m sure you know just how much I LOVE reviewing beauty boxes and what can be better than being one of the few to be the first one’s to share in the EXCITEMENT of an actual unboxing. So Mimi, I hope you like what you see and to all you wonderful readers out there do keep your fingers crossed for me too ok… until later, this is me signing off for now.

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