Wonderbox March 2013

Hi Ladies….Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend thus far. I’ve been up to my arms sorting through boxes which we havent gone thru since the move..and it’s amazing how much stuff I realized I don’t need but have kept over the years anyway. So now that all that pending cleanup has been sorted, I have somewhat of a lazy Sunday to enjoy, so how better than to pen my thoughts down on Wonderbox’s March edition.

Now as usual, Wonderbox usually sends their boxes out around the 25th of each month. They use GDex and (knock on wood) service has been great thus far. Now for those of you new to Wonderbox they have a variety of subscriptions plans from monthly to yearly. They are also one of the first to have come up a points system where products reviews and blogging earns you points which can be used to redeem against subsequent boxes or products. For more information, do click here.

Ok so let’s have a look on what I got this March from Wonderbox shall we?

Wonderbox March 2013 - Grey Edition

Wonderbox March 2013 – Grey Edition

Welcome Note & RM 30 Murad Voucher

Welcome Note & RM 30 Murad Voucher

Product Description & Retail Values

Product Description & Retail Values

Wonderbox March 2013 revealed.....

Wonderbox March 2013 revealed…..

As always, this is where I make a list of all the beauty products I received.

  1. Murad Oil Free Sunblock SPF 30, 10ml – RM 170/50ml (RM34)
  2. Murad Hydro Dynamic Moisture, 7.5ml – RM 298/50ml (RM45)
  3. Murad Active Radiance Serum, 3.7ml – RM 398/30ml (RM49)
  4. Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Conditioning Hand Cream, 30ml – RM 43/85ml on Amazon.com (RM15)
  5. DR. FUCHS SECRETS Midnight Secrets Emergency Eyepads – RM 240/per box of 8 pads (RM 60)

I also received 2 vouchers/discount codes

  1. RM 30 Murad Voucher
  2. 50 % VIP Discount on Gold Standard Serum & other selected ranges @ drfuchs-secrets.com.my
Murad Oil Free Sunblock SPF 30

Murad Oil Free Sunblock SPF 30

Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture

Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture

Murad Active Radiance Serum

Murad Active Radiance Serum

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Conditioning Creme

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Conditioning Hand Creme

DR. FUCHS SECRETS Midnight Secrets Emergency Eyepads

Wonderbox March 2013

Wonderbox March 2013

I was out of the country when the folks at Wonderbox sent out their March box but nonetheless I did get a good read on what others had to say about their boxes. There seemed to be a lot of discussion on the content of the box and the merits of how the Wonderbox team had handled the situation.

Now for my thoughts. Honestly I didn’t mind getting more Murad samples, my only peeve is that the samples were really tiny, probably only good for 3-5 applications. I am disappointed though that my Murad Hydro Dynamic Moisturizer was blobby and yellow, I understand that quite a few of us received a degraded sample. But my disappointment was greatly elevated by the Dr. Fuchs Midnight Secrets Eyepads. As for the Wild Ferns Hand Cream, it’s is always great to try something new. It was a good sample size and upon application the cream was well absorbed. I felt the scent was a little strong but it does settle down after a while.

Now with regards to the value of the contents in the March edition of the Wonderbox, let’s do the Maths shall we, based on RM/ml-g values, the 3 Murad products work out to RM 128, add in the Dr.Fuchs Eyepads and the Wild Ferns Manuka Hand Cream and it comes to RM 203 which is 5 times what a Wonderbox costs at RM 39.90 per box.

Now ladies, whilst admittedly the sample sizes were small the products were noteworthy. Moreover, Wonderbox has a done a very good job with their previous boxes, as far as I am concerned, every one of their boxes was a good return on value. I do think however, that after listening to all the feedback coming from their subscribers as well as the professional way Wonderbox handled their grouses and suggestions, Wonderbox will try to ensure that their future boxes follow certain specifications with regards to sample sizes and brand repitition.So until later this month, when we see what Wonderbox has put together for their April edition, lets wish them all the best and to you ladies, have a great week ahead.

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2 thoughts on “Wonderbox March 2013

  1. Nicely written.. I have to admit this has been the least impressive Wonderbox to date but their previous boxes have been really good. I’m certain they’ll learn from this and improve. Here’s to an awesome April Wonderbox. *fingers crossed*

    • Thanks Kay!!! And yes, you’re absolutely right, the March Wonderbox fell pretty short compared to it’s predecessors. However the dollar value stunned me, it’s quite surprising how teeny tiny samples can cost more than dinner for four at the local ‘mamak’ 🙂 I’m also going to be keeping my fingers crossed for an Awesome subsequent box, though from the looks of things it might be a May box rather than April’s.

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