Keep Calm & Relax With Amante

I’m just out of my first Butterfly Project Community Party and let me tell you was Awesome. I had a an Amazing manicure & pedicure, mini-massage to melt all that stress away, picked up a Mask to invigorate my skin, feasted on Pink Burgers and a variety of delicious food, walked home with a goodie bag full of goodies and the best of all got a chance to meet some lovely bloggers.

I had so much fun.. I decided I would like to do so again….And guess what? The Butterfly Project is Super-Duper Awesome..they’ll be having their July Party on the 6th at the Fabulous Amante Nail Spa & Body Care (Sri Petaling) Branch.


Do I want to go? You bet I do… why for starters…after running around for the better part of the last month, I so need a Massage…. and I can’t say no to massage’s ..can you? There’s nothing like easing out all that stress and tension and knotted muscles with a miraculous massage..don’t you agree?

Amante Nail Spa & Beauty Care are the amazing partners who have teamed up to host this event. If you have never been to Amante..then you must..from spellbinding Mani & Pedi’s to sensual massage’s and invigorating facial’re in for a treat.

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

Check out the lovely and calming atmosphere at Amante's

Check out the lovely and calming atmosphere at Amante’s

If Manicure's are your'll be spoiled for choice!!!

If Manicure’s are your’ll be spoiled for choice!!!

And no party will be complete with a Party Planner, right… We’re soooo lucky that We’ve got Ask Joey – The  Sweetest Party who’s going to thrill and delight with her awesome talent.

ask jOEY

Ask Joey – The Sweetest Party is run by  Joey Choong – A bubbly and fun party planner who has tons of party planning experience! Love throwing creative, exciting, refreshing, memorable and most of all; THE SWEETEST PARTY!  

Ask Joey 2

Ask Joey – The Sweetest Party

Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party

Ask Joey – The Sweetest Party

And what would a party be without some pictures to capture those Awesome Moments, the Happy Smiles and Good Times. To capture all these and more 🙂 Photobooth Malaysia have will do just that.

Have you Photobooth-ed?

Have you Photobooth-ed?

Use some props, make up faces and have fun..that’s what Photobooths are all about… I’ve tried it and absolutely love it….

Photobooth Malaysia

Photobooth Malaysia

Photobooth Malaysia

So if you too like me want to have the extremes of Relaxing Massage and Awesome Party, then this is your chance…. Put together by the awesome creative team of bloggers at The Butterfly Project – Beauty Bloggers who care so much about the blogging community they are always finding ways of bringing together the blogging community and proving opportunities for development.

Butterfly ProjectThe Butterfly Project

So this is me keeping fingers, toes and hair in cross braids hoping to score and Invite to the July Party..if you feel like joining too, head on here and you too will stand a chance to Keep Calm & Relax with Amante 🙂

7 thoughts on “Keep Calm & Relax With Amante

  1. Sweetie, all you have to do is name the sweetest blogger you’ve met last Saturday to score an invite. It’s that simple! Joking ;-p I won’t be able to join the July project but have a good one on my behalf, ya? Good luck ❤

    • Laura..what are you doing online anyway..shouldn’t you be getting all dolled up for the paparazzi who’s waiting to send you to super-stardom… I’m green too..Green with envy 🙂 Hint,hint..Did you know I love Channel Lippies

  2. Hahaha..If there were paparazzi I’d make a prop out of myself and be part of the background. Just got back and it was awesome! If you love Channel Lippies, you have to try their new collection; Les Beiges. With 10 shades to choose from, there’s something for every skin tone =) I have never been a fan of their EDP but the one from LB smells divine. Almost like Petite Chérie kinda flair to it.

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