Vanity Trove – Kose Limited Edition Trove

You know how I’m loving each and every Vanity Trove’s that I’ve received thus far…. there’s a really good reason for it and that is because month after month, VT Malaysia has come up with innovative trove’s featuring premium brands, long time favorites and even a mix of new brand names and home grown beauty products.

Now when I heard that Vanity Trove was going to collaborate with KOSE to come up with a Limited Edition Trove I was pretty excited. Why? For two good reasons.. Firstly .. KOSE is no stranger to the beauty industry. A well entrenched premium brand that has been around since forever…. I was looking forward to trying out some of their products. Secondly I really wanted to see what a ‘one-brand concept box’ was all about. Even though Vanity Trove’s sister company in Singapore have come out with these concept boxes before, this was the first of it’s kind in Malaysia.

So long story short, when my July Limited Edition Trove finally arrived, I was so ready to un-trove it. Was I impressed..well, you’ll have to read on to find out.

Limited Edition Trove - Vanity Trove X Kose

Limited Edition Trove – Vanity Trove X KOSE

Vanity Trove July 2013 – Un-troved

The theme : Infinite Youth is Possible with KOSE  Robin Niu - KOSE Ambassador and Beauty Guru graces the cover :)

The theme : Infinite Youth is Possible with KOSE
Robin Niu – KOSE Ambassador and Beauty Guru graces the cover 🙂

List of Items and Retail Values + Vanity Trove Updates

List of Items and Retail Values + Vanity Trove Updates

What a spread... and what's that in the yellow organza bag?

What a spread… and what’s that in the yellow organza bag?

Close up of all the lovely deluxe sized samples

Close up of all the lovely deluxe sized samples

So as always..lets make a list of all the items :

  1. Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel, 10ml – RM 119/120gm
  2. Pure Advance Clear Up Wash, 10ml – RM 99/120gm
  3. Pure Advance Essence Lotion II, 30ml – RM 169/160ml
  4. Pure Advance Serum II, 30ml – RM 169/120ml
  5. Pure Advance Eye Jelly, 5ml X 2 – RM 180/20gm
  6. Deep Protection UV, 8.9ml – RM 118/30gm

Included also a voucher for a Free Trendy Pouch and Skin Consultation & Analysis with any purchase of KOSE Infinity Pure Advance Item.

Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel & Clear Up Wash

Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel & Clear Up Wash
The Cleansing Gel turns from Gel into Oil to effectively remove make-up and dirt from your face. Follow up with the Clear Up Wash to remove any excess make-up and sebum for clearer skin with smaller pores


Pure Advance Essence Lotion II
Contains natural essences to rejuvenate, hydrate and plump up tired skin. This moist lotion will reduce the visibility of open pores caused by dryness

Pure Advance Serum II

Pure Advance Serum II
Adjusts the natural oils and water content in your skin to make it soft and poreless.

Pure Advance Eye Jelly

Pure Advance Eye Jelly
Replenishes moisture around the eyes to create eyes with vibrant expression

Deep Protection UV  With SPF 50+ this emulsion like formula powerfully guards skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays

Deep Protection UV
With SPF 50+ this emulsion like formula powerfully guards skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays

I also received a few sample products from Nature & Co who also come under the same umbrella as KOSE... must be for filing up my beauty table which is Stepover 4 of 5 on Vanity Trove.

Some lovely added extra’s….I also received a few sample products from Nature & Co who also come under the same umbrella as KOSE… must be for filing up my beauty table which is Stepover 4 of 5 on Vanity Trove. now onto my thoughts on this month’s trove. Firstly for a ‘one brand concept box’ this really hit the spot. Even though I can remember following my mom to the KOSE counter as a little girl, I have never purchased any product from them on my own finally at age 34 I get to finally try them. How wonderfully ironic that it’s not one product but a whole range to see if this line works for me.

The Pure Advance line is catered for women from their early twenties to thirties as a first step to preventing ageing. Now admittedly yes.. I am no-where near 20 but it’s never too late to start on anti-ageing products and your skin will thank you for the attention in the years to come. Having said that I’m glad to be given this opportunity to experience the Pure Advance range which is designed to address visible pores and fine lines

The next thing I wanted to make a point about is the obvious lack of full size products. I don’t know if I have matured after 50 beauty boxes or so, but I sure have become more discerning. Frankly speaking, receiving a box-full of deluxe sized premium beauty products beats a full sized item of a so-so brand anytime. In testament I have a closet-full of full sized items from a variety of subscriptions that have been left untouched after the initial excitement because I haven’t the discipline to finish them.

Don’t get me wrong.. I would never turn down a full sized product if it came from a reputable brand..but I definitely think deluxe sized premium samples are also generous surprises. So back to my original question was I Impressed? I would not say I was ‘blown – away’ but  yes!!!  But having said that this ‘one brand concept box ‘ has definitely more than pleased me.

As for the folks at Vanity Trove, they have really come a long way from their 1st Trove… they have not made a Beauty Box faux pas of repeating items. Yet, monthly I’m delighted to see new items of reputable quality in their product line-up. What more, they are constantly engaging their subscribers and fans with tempting giveaways, awesome workshops and friendly customer service. And very soon, subscribers will be able to customize their very own trove. So for more on that do stay tuned for an update soon. Until later… this is me signing off for now… XOXO


If you’d like to experience a trove of your own, do head over to, VT subscriptions are RM 50 per trove/per month. For more information on the pink carpet events, updates or just to be a prt of the Vanity Trove Malaysia community, check out the Facebook page here.

This trove was sent for review. All opinions and thought are the authors own.

21 thoughts on “Vanity Trove – Kose Limited Edition Trove

    • Hi Cindy…Aww, thanks babe.. Yup, have been filling up the Stop-overs as I go along, at Stop-over 5 of 5 already…. don’t forget to update your’s…there might be some extra’s the next time around.

  1. Ooh, Vanity Trove…have not looked into this much for some reason but they seem ultra-premium. Well, sample and deluxe samples are fine by me if the products are good. Quality over quantity!
    Did you know that there was a La Mer (single brand) special edition GlossyBox in China? That was full of only travel or deluxe sizes too but it sold out in a flash. They have some really uber-premium stuff in those Chinese Glossy Boxes but I think Malaysian beauty boxes are pretty good too. Vanity Trove’s Kose box is not shabby at all. I mean, we shouldn’t forget that RM50 doesn’t even buy much these days at Watsons let alone get us anything from a counter brand who doesn’t usually give out samples.
    Yours was a very fair and balanced review of the VT box. Good job!

    • La Mer…. Wow!! Lucky them ladies who scored themselves a box.. i reckon it would have gone in a flash.. i might have been one of those who would have bought multiple sets 😛 It’s Amazing how the Beauty Box craze is fast growing…I’m hoping to get a few in from the US and am looking at Ipsy and Birchbox…would you have any suggestions:)

  2. Yeah…a La Mer box would disappear in Malaysia sooner than you could say La Mer! Ive always wanted to try this brand but it is insanely out of my reach.
    I’ve been looking at Birchbox too…and Ipsy and GlossyBox. You are a lucky gal of you can get your hands on these!
    The Ipsy (like BOL, I like the bag idea) and the Birchbox subscriptions are very reasonably priced – even cheaper than Malaysia.
    I really like the packaging of GlossyBox and they have some very cool limited edition boxes in various countries. There is currently a limited edition Glossy Box Wedding Edition! Really pretty and pink.
    Sharon, check this link out for the Top Ten US Beauty Boxes-:

  3. Hi ShopGirl.. I did it..actually hit two SaSa’s over the Midvalley and IOI Mall.. the Midvalley one was great..loads of stuff and great discounts. But absolutely no Sana Collagen Mist in both outlets. Got some other stuff..would not call it a great haul but happy nonetheless….. And yup, just subscribed to my first should be coming out soon.. but wont get to experience it until circa Dec/Jan as that’s when it’ll come back home… Could not sub to Ipsy though..they need a local credit/charge card and am out on one of those 😛

      • Me too.. just got a notification that the August Birch Box is already on it’s way ..but will have to wait for the review’s.. that’ll probably only be up circa January next year… A lilttle dissapointed though.. was so hoping that i’d be off the Ipsy Wait-list but it hasnt happened… perhaps do the Ipsy Dance with me and I’ll open my email to great news in the weeks to come 🙂 Have a great weekend ShopGirl… i’m looking forward to more reveiws ..HUGZ

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