Vanity Trove – Of Customizable Troves and Products Galore

Once in a while I come across something so Awesome that it’s hard for me to contain myself and I just have to plonk away on the keyboard and share it with you… Now this is one post is not just for the ladies..but also for our brothers’ out there.. who more often than not tend to not know what to get their loved ones i.e wife, girlfriend, mother or sister for Birthday’s and Anniversaries. Now really the list does not stop there because this is something you could do for a colleague’s Birthday, a good friends baby shower or even for yourself.

So what am I talking about?… hold your horses and count to ten for Vanity Trove Malaysia have finally launched their Customizable Trove.  I’m sure you’re super excited already.. I was when I first heard they were soon coming out with this concept. Why? Well with more than 100 brand partners and a presence in 7 countries, I knew this was something to look forward too. But really, tell me, who does not like the idea of putting together a trove of your very own… filled with deluxe sized sample of brands YOU want to TRY and all for the very same amount you’d pay for a regular Vanity Trove.

But the big question is How? How do you customize a trove of your own? Well to answer that question you’ll first need to familiarize yourself with the Vanity Trove website…


 Firstly you’ll have to head on to: You will be prompted to fill up your Beauty Profile by answering a few simple questions! (Guys, here you fill in the information for the person you are getting the Trove for 🙂  )

This is really easy-peasy. Jusy click on a choice that matches your profile and you'll be done in no -time

This is really easy-peasy. Jusy click on a choice that matches your profile and you’ll be done in no -time

Next, if you want to be the first to try out products you have been looking forward to. this is how. Add them to Wishlist, Like the Brand and the Product. This will help to unlock more samples for you, after which you will then be able to pick these samples when they are released!


Then you move on to more specific’s about products you like, have tried and what are those you definitely need to put on a Wish-List !!! You can even add reviews of products that work for you at this point.

After you complete adding products to your Wish List and/or Beauty Table… you’ll then be able to write a review on the products you’ve used. Let me tell you, there are soooo many products on the Vanity Trove website, you’ll be Amazed at all the glamorous Brand Partners they have.

Review Products, Follow and be Follow-ed :)

Review Products, Follow and be Follow-ed 🙂

Yup, Follow & Be Follow-ed… Kinda like Facebook but with a ‘Beauty Twist’ to it. So if you see my review on the myriad of products that work for me..don’t forget to Follow 😉

Now we head on to the fun part… this is where after all the information you’ve uploaded, you will finally be able to see what products fit your Beauty Profile. This is also the part where you get to pick up to 6 products, some full-sized, some deluxe that will make up your own Customizable Trove.


With the amount of choices they’ll be hoping that there’s more than 6 slots 🙂’s that easy to put together a trove that will reflect on choices You’ve made on brands and beauty products that You want. The price … RM 50 which is the price of a regular subscription to a monthly Vanity Trove.

So what are you waiting for…. head on to Vanity Trove and start your journey of customizing a trove for yourself or your loved ones. And to the gentlemen.. don’t be afraid….and don’t be shy-lah. Just enter the information as per for the person you’re getting this trove for and proceed to gift a trove to that Special someone.

I showed this to my husband yesterday and he was grinning from ear to ear… so now I kinda know where my Birthday,Anniversary, what-a-sary present will be coming from and for him…so easy..I think he likes the idea that he does not need to crack his head on what to get me and he can ‘shop’ for me right from his desk…but I’m not complaining… with the array of brands partnering Vanity Trove… I’m in for some Great Surprises 🙂 and I hope this will be the same for you. There are few things better than coming home to a parcel waiting to be opened with beauty products waiting to be explored. It’s a gal’ thing..don’t you agree?

7 thoughts on “Vanity Trove – Of Customizable Troves and Products Galore

  1. Very good move in a new direction for Malaysian subscriptions. The surprise element is gone but it will be less hit & miss.
    Reminds me of a US box called BeautyFix. I haven’t tried VT yet…the website has always been a little clumsy to me. Are you hanging out for The Lilac Box 4, Sharon? I haven’t tried TLB yet and the jury is a little divided but I am really excited to try them out.
    I’ll definitely look you up if when I make it to one of the events. You gals have soooo much fun!

    • Yes… the surprise element is gone but definitely a winner because now you’ll be eagerly anticipating the arrival of exactly what you want 🙂 On another note I hear Luxasia is having a sale with Anna Sui & Guerlain among others..will you be going ShopGirl?

  2. I don’t think I could be called ShopGirl if I miss THIS sale. I tried so hard to resist … but it was futile. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all morning. Sharon, it was so worth it!
    Are you going? There’s still one more day.
    There was a markdown today too! Some items went down a further 30-50% off on the discounted price!
    I had SO much fun. Oh, I am one happy ShopGirl, darling!

    • Ooh..You Lucky,Lucky Girl!!! I was so near..yet so far..went to Pavilion today and was hoping I could talk the hubster into going but no such luck.. i received a resounding ‘dont you have enough stuff already’ tart reply. Please,please do a blog post so that this time I can live the experience vicariously thorough you… will be going into KL tomorrow again..if I’m really lucky I may be just able to pull this one off..will let you know 🙂

    • Hi ShopGirl… I did it..managed to get to Park Royal with less than 30 minutes before they were closing..yuo’re absolutely’ was soo worth it…though i do reckon i might have overdone it a bit 🙂 Got myself some Anna Sui but no Guerlain..all sold out with the exception of some lippies which i have enough of… what’s was your haul like?

  3. Wasn’t it great, Sharon! So cool you made it. OMG, your timing was cutting it close though – 30mins 😀 !!! BTW, things were much more expensive on Day 1 but they had the full range – Jimmy Choo, Prada fragrances etc
    Day 2 was better and Day 3, well let’s just say they slashed another RM50 for the Marry Me Coffret making it only RM100 for a three item set! So, you probably got the best prices being the last one in the door!
    Just tell yourself, it is SO much better than retail.
    I was so bad I went on Day 2 & Day 3. I think I outdid myself this time too.
    I’ll post my haul up soon..give me your feedback, yeah?

    •’re Amazing..Day 2 & definitely live up to your name 🙂 Yup..loads of coffrets but i’m already overwhelmed with perfumes so i only shopped for pressies. Anna Sui make up was a good deal though.. i was peeling off the price stickers and there were 3 below the price i yes..a very good deal indeed 🙂 Cant wait to check out your haul… posted a picture of mine… tell me what you think 🙂

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