Barbie Color Stylin’ Hair Doll Giveaway Winners

I’m sure some of you mommies must have been waiting for this with bated breath.. I have and am soo excited to finally announce the winners of the Barbie Color Stylin’ Hair Doll Giveaway…. But first a big shout out of thanks to the wonderful lil’ girls & parents who participated…  all your pictures captivated me and there was soo much creativity I was lost for words. But the judges could only pick three and here in no particular order are the three lucky children who wins their very own Barbie Color Stylin’ Hair Doll worth RM 99.90 each courtesy of our very awesome sponsors at Mattel ( Malaysia )

Jacqueline Sow

Jacqueline Sow

Sarah Natalie Cham

Sarah Natalie Cham

Vivhega Nalinee Veloo

Vivhega Nalinee Veloo

Gorgeous hair styles don’t you think? I was so totally blown away by the creativity and imagination shown by these awesome collaboration between these mommy and daughter duo’s. To the winners Heartiest Congratulations !!!! The sponsors at Mattel will be contacting you personally to make delivery arrangements of your prize. As for the rest who submitted some equally as outstanding hairstyles,Thank you sooo much for participating and for the effort you have each put in. Do stay tuned and watch this space as there will be more Giveaway announced soon.

Until later… To my fellow Malaysian’s Happy Malaysia Day and for the rest of you here’s to a wonderful Friday and restful long weekend ahead. 




2 thoughts on “Barbie Color Stylin’ Hair Doll Giveaway Winners

  1. Oh, the winning entries are SO good! I’m so impressed given that Barbie’s hair is really quite miniature. All I can say is WOW! Congratulations to all the winners. I wish you could do my hair 🙂

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