Love At First Sniff – Caudalie

Love at first sight… I’ve heard this often enough and while I am very, very much a romantic at heart..I fear this is one phrase that is greatly misunderstood… Β I can clearly remember my first encounter with my husband and whilst I did think he was ‘hot’, I don’t think that the concept of love at first sight was anywhere to be applied. What I do think though and is very much true to this day is that I thought he smelled very good indeed.

Hubsters current perfume stash minus the two bottles he keeps in each car

Hubsters current perfume stash minus the two bottles he keeps in each car

My perfume stash which hardly gets used for reasons which I dont even know why :P

My perfume stash which hardly gets used for reasons which I don’t even know why πŸ˜›

Now I have an aversion to strong smells… I get nauseous when I enter a heavily fragranced car or when someone with a heavy hand walks in an elevator but it is that same olfactory sense that helps me distinguish and appreciate the finer scents and smell that can be found both in nature and on my bathroom shelf πŸ™‚

So anyway back to the story at hand..hubster still smells good no doubt to the stash he has which pretty much rivals my own. Sadly the same can’t be said for me… he comes to a wife that smells more often than not of garlic… mind you,not because I am warding of the vampire but simply because i put garlic into every dish I cook and I cook a lot πŸ˜›

Now since reeking of garlic is NOT a good thing especially when you have a husband who looks and smells good.. I have endeavored to at least combat the effects of garlic with my personal stash of body washes/gels/scrubs which currently stand at 23.. yes ladies I kid you not I have 23 ..not too bad really as with my ever-expanding size..I do seem to be using a good amount and bottles get finished quite regularly.

So now finally after that long-winded diatribe I can finally come to the reason for my post which I’m sure you have been patiently waiting for… Β For after a very long time… 16 years to be exact.. I have once again fallen madly in love… and once again it was with a smell.

I can rave enough about just how much I love this I am referring to Caudalie The Des Vignes. I was introduced to this by the Amazingly sweet & lovely Sara, and I cant begin to thank her enough for this little piece of heaven as well as the other amazing things she sent me recently from France.

Caudalie The Des Vignes Shower Gel <3

Caudalie The Des Vignes Shower Gel ❀

As for where it gets it's great fragrance from. The magical combination of white musk and neroli with a hint of ginger liquor, with an infusion of orange blossom and jasmine all come together to make this simply irrestible

As for where it gets its great fragrance from.
The magical combination of white musk and neroli with a hint of ginger liquor, with an infusion of orange blossom and jasmine in a base of aloe vera all come together to make this simply irresistible.

I like that 0%

I like that 0%

Now words can hardly describe the wonderful scents that practically clings to your skin and perfumes the air where it’s been but it’s not only about its awe-inspiring smell ..a lot of it has also to do with what it’s made up of or in this case not. This little wonder is soap free and contains no Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Phatalates, Mineral Oil, and SLES.

A dollop of liquid love :) Pale milky white liquid

A dollop of liquid love πŸ™‚ Pale milky white liquid

A little bit mixed with water... you dont see any lather but it does a great job of removing dirt and residue... shower time has definitely gotten a lot better.

A little bit mixed with water… you don’t see too much lather but it does a great job of removing dirt and residue… shower time has definitely gotten a lot better.

As I said earlier… words can’t describe the Amazing way my hands smelled after… the kids love going into the washroom after I have a shower because they think I’ve been spraying perfume or air-freshener in there. πŸ™‚ I’m usually quite generous with my bath gel’s and allow my daughter to use mine once in a way but this one has gone on to the no share list and lil’ girl is none to happy about it.

Seriously if I could find this in Malaysia, I’d buy as many as I could in the blink of an eye. But even SaSa that stocks on Caudalie does not have this on their shelves so it’ll be quite a while before I get a chance to restock hence I’m not sharing this one for now πŸ˜›

But if any one of you are off to France in the not to distant look for this and give it a sniff… I’ve read so many online reviews of ladies who can’t seem to get enough of it. Price wise .. Β I cant be sure but i reckon it should be Euro 15- 20 ++ for a full size.

On that note.. I’m calling it a day for now. Do drop me a line and tell me what is/are the bath products that you can’t absolutely live without. I love discovering new things and cant wait to hear what works for you ladies πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Love At First Sniff – Caudalie

  1. My gosh…your hubby has quite a stash of perfumes…I only let mine have 2 max.
    I’m loving the Yves Rocher Rose Fraiche shower gel which i got from The Lilac Box. The scent is so good. Got to thank them for introducing this shower gel to me.
    Once in a while, I love to dig into my kids shower gel for a change cuz the smell is so fruity. =)

    • Nadia, you’re right, he does doesn’t he? But in all fairness he hates shopping and does not bother to unless I insist he needs to get new stuff..but since he’s always travelling and that means duty free the world over..perfumes and colognes are the easiest to buy πŸ™‚

  2. I have been stalking this product online for quite a while now and I do feel that I need to get hold of it even more after reading this! Sephora carries Caudalie, but I don’t think I saw this on their shelves. I did, however, find a site that delivers to Malaysia but there’s a rather hefty delivery fee unless you spend RM700+, though they have lots of brands and a splurge won’t be a problem should you choose to go that route. Sad really that Caudalie isn’t as readily available here.

  3. I spotted two perfumes we have in common in our stacks hehe πŸ™‚ My two favorite shower products, in terms of scent (and scent is so important when shower is your first thing in the morning before a hard days work) are Lush’s Plum Plum Pudding shower jelly ( it’s a sparkly wobbly purple foaming jelly that smells of blackcurrant and the TAAJ’s Gel douche Bpmbaysque ( which is purple and smells of… blackcurrant! At least, I’m consitent πŸ˜‰
    Another blackcurrant scented product I love is the Betty Hulla Rum and Blackcurrant body butter ( this for sure would get read of your garlic scents.

    Otherwise, you may try and use the rose deo candies:,4952 πŸ˜‰

    • Not bad for 2 out of 9.. I’m trying very hard to figure out which the two are πŸ™‚
      OMG should not tempt me with even more tempting products that I now need to try out… I do love Blackcurrants especially when they’re in Jellies though by no means have I tried them in my shower routine before.. I’ve had bath products that incorporate lots of fruits but have yet to come across one with Blackcurrants or Plums. So 3 more that goes on to my ‘To Try To Buy’ list πŸ™‚

      • You really thought I would not send to you my favs after talking to you about them? πŸ˜€ I will buy the Plum Plum Pudding jelly later this year because they have a not so loong expiry date, so the latter the better. And I think I will buy a few pots of Betty Hula because my mum is in love with that smell too (she got it from a special Mother’s day edition bag I got mine from) and I know of a few UK sites which deliver to France πŸ˜‰

  4. I love this too but my favorite will always be the Fleur de vigne! It does smell like walking in the vineyard in the morning time, the grape blossom just blown me away~ They are having a pop up store at BV2 which next to Aesop, it’s RM45 for full size! Alternative you can buy it from Kensapothecary store too! I just got 2 from the store, haha! Hope this helps la~

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