My Home, Your Home, Our Home – Creating Healthier Homes for Everyone

I’d like to believe I grew up in a home where Health was of great primary focus. Having had both parents who were Healthcare providers did much to shape up my earlier perceptions and priorities where health were concerned. No doubt along the way, I had my fair bouts of being ill, but never violently so.

However the focus on the Environment and what actions I could do positive or otherwise was only something that I learned at 17… now for those of you who are wondering …17 was quite a while ago for me. When I was 17 and this was in 1997… the focus on caring for the environment was still a very new concept to the Malaysian public. Recycling was in its infancy and slowly being adopted and initiatives in conserving nature were only adopted by a handful of NGO’s.

Anyway a collaboration with a NGO called TrEES resulted in a very imprinting insight on how I , my family and the people around me could positively contribute to a better tomorrow. Now a Better Tomorrow directly coincides with a Healthier Tomorrow. This has especially become important to me because I now am a mother…and when you enter that stage in your life when they are little one’s depending on you , it becomes imperative that I can give them the best not just materially but also spiritually and holistically. 

As a mother I have guided and impressed on my children on the need for conserving the environment and creating healthier homes. As a family we practice 3 out of the 4R’s – Refuse, Reduce, Re-use, and Re-cycle.Now the 4th R has had quite a debate… I like the term Refuse because it gives me the choice to say no to things which have a detrimental effect on the environment. Others have used the term Respect and that too sends a very strong message.

green energy saving tips

It has not been easy, keeping food storage containers in the car to pack food, separating our Paper,Plastics and Glass from refuse, bi-weekly trips to the recycling center, equipping our home with solar lights and other energy saving devices and the list goes on.

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kiddos philips

Very recently I chanced upon a wonderful collaboration by The Butterfly project and Philips Malaysia. Philips is really a brand name that needs no introduction. Philips started out in Netherlands and is a diversified Health and Well-being company, focused on improving people’s lives through timely innovations. As a world leader in healthcare,lifestyle and lighting, Philips integrates technologies and design into people-centric solutions, based on fundamental customer insights and the brand promise of “sense and simplicity”.

philips 4

In line with their effort in Creating Healthier Homes, they have launched the Philips Innovation That Matters To You Contest. All you have to do is submit an idea that will contribute to Healthy Homes and Safer Cities.

philips 2

If you would like to also share and contribute an idea for a better tomorrow, head on here . Philips will then shortlist 6 ideas out of which the winning idea will be given life by Philips.

philips 3

Now I hee-hawed about my idea… I thought about power saving devices with heat or motion sensors, I thought about green ideas that would give forth to better air quality and then finally it dawned upon me. I really should go back to the basics. I am a mother and really when you spend a lot of time with children only do you realize the potential in them. All the ideas in the world will not have a lasting effect if the majority of people choose to disregard the basic idea of health and conservation.

So this is what I said ( idea had to be summarized in 500 characters )

My idea is to start at the basics and that is Education.

Educating the young people of today and future generations of tomorrow who will grow up with a clear understanding and appreciation of the need for a better future.

Hence I think Philips Malaysia should create an Education Program that visits schools and other institutions of learning to plant the ‘seed’of awareness and carry out long and short term projects in line with their vision for Healthier Homes and Safer Cities.

I’m sure each and every one of you will also have an idea to contribute and whilst the prizes for this contest are Awesome the rewards of having a Healthier Home are by far more rewarding and lasting.

Philips 1

I will not lie to you, I do have my eye on the Philips Air Fryer… who would not. The idea of having fried food minus the oil is just something quite hard to resist especially when you have young children who crave for certain tasty fried dishes. But really I think I’m even more excited to see my idea implemented as I sincerely believe that Philips is one of the corporations that are big enough to bring alive this idea on a large-scale. Education has far-reaching results and the need for a society that understands this is nothing less than that.

So yes.. I do hope you will support my idea if they do decide to pick up on it.  🙂 Perhaps together we can make a positive and lasting change for a Better, Healthier and Safer Tomorrow

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3 thoughts on “My Home, Your Home, Our Home – Creating Healthier Homes for Everyone

  1. What a truly inspiring read! And your munchkins are just too cute!
    All the best love! Hope you win the air fryer (I’ll drop by for lunch one day) or any of the other awesome prizes! *winks*

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