Tales of Ipsy – Part II October 2013

Ola … and I hope you’re all looking forward to CNY eve dinner which should be starting really soon. To keep myself entertained this weekend, I’ve decided to finally open all my Ipsy bag’s and start using the drool-worthy products inside .. but how can I before first taking photographs of this Awesome offerings and share them with you.

Yes, I am an Ipsy convert and I love them.. I have four Glam Bags in hand and let me tell you not one has disappointed me in the least bit. So without further ado, lets take a peek into Ipsy’s October 2013 bag šŸ™‚

The bag itself is by no means big or roomy so it really surprises me how it held all this lovely goodies

The bag itself is by no means big or roomy so it really surprises me how it held all this lovely goodies

Really. all this was in the bag <3 <3 <3

Really, all this was IN the bag

Now before I go on and list what was in my Ipsy bag for October let me talk a little about Ipsy Match. Ipsy Match is basically a questionnaire prepared by Ipsy to match products that best fit you for a particular month. Now unlike our current Malaysian BB subs which pretty much give everyone the same thing which really isn’t a bad thing unless your skin tone does not ring symmetry with the rest of the population as is the problem when I receive makeup products which do not flatter my skin tone; it is a breath of fresh air when finally someone pays attention to all this beauty questionnaires and give me stuff i want and would wear.

So what was in this little miracle bag šŸ™‚

  1. ZOYA Nail Polish – in Neve
  2. Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics – Mineral Shimmer in Emotion
  3. Coastal Scents – Medium Shadow Brush
  4. Nourish Organic – Deeply Nourishing Coconut & Argan Body Lotion
  5. Sexy Hair – Texturizing Spray Clay

Seriously I can’t even begin to tell you how much in love I am with this lovely products. I think ZOYA clinched my love for this bag and everything else was the icing on the cake.

Zoya Nail Polish in Neve

Zoya Nail Polish in Neve

As if they knew me all along, they sent me my absolute favourite colour. I can’t say no to Navy & Royal Blues and this one is sooo me.

Bella Terra

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics – Mineral Shimmer in Emotion

Another winner, I’m a sucker for purple and varying darker shades of it.. so this is definitely going on my lids … after swatching all i can say is that its very pigmented but needs a little primer so it stays on longer. As for the finishing, it’s soft and blends very well… so heavy arm work needed to get this powdery perfection on šŸ™‚

Coastal Scents - Medium Shadow Brush

Coastal Scents – Medium Shadow Brush

I’m one of those people who needs a bit of variety and a brush, much more a medium shadow brush which is just perfect for the mineral eye-shadow is much coveted. The bristles are soft and not too tightly packed which makes application a breeze.


Nourish Organic – Deeply Nourishing Coconut & Argan Body Lotion

Coconut’s abound in Kerala where my father hails from so maybe that’s why the smell of coconut always seems to comfort me. I love it.. it’s very calming on the senses and it’s absorbs immediately into the skin leaving no greasy texture or shiny film after. I like discovering new treasures like these .. and if anybody ever got their hands on a full size during their trip to the US ..all i can say is please,please buy me a bottle.

Big Sexy Hair

Big Sexy Hair

So I’m a candidate for the need for BSH – not bullshit NO!!! but Big Sexy Hair – I have yet to use this little number but from the reviews I’ve read, this little bottle seems to pass muster and there are more happy users than not. Hair Spray may not be everyone’s idea of fun and that is why after receiving this I changed the answers to my Ipsy Questionnaire as i fell I have enough hair products to last me several lifetimes.. did they pay attention.. well you’ll have to check out my other bags to find out.

So what did I think.. I think I’m more than in LOVE. And hey as far as value goes, the bottle of Zoya Nail Polish alone retails for the same 10USD back in the US and all the others are lovely extra’s …. yes, they are some new brands, some of which we are only now hearing of but they are much better than some of the makeup we have here…. i kid you not.

With that I bid you adieu while I play with these lovelies in my Ipsy bag.. it’s time to splatter some nail polish on the rest of my fingers… as for the rest of you .. Happy Chinese New Year lovelies and here’s to a restful festive weekend. ā¤


LOVE ā¤


4 thoughts on “Tales of Ipsy – Part II October 2013

  1. Brushes are always a welcome feature in any bag so that alone makes the deal worthy and like our own local Bag of Love, I like that Ipsy does away with boxes and only gives bags. I’d much rather have a bag collection than an empty cardboard box stack. Every beauty sub should really consider a bag over a box. Even a chiffon drawstring would be welcome. The boxes are cluttering up my space!

    • ShopGirl, I know right, i love the idea of brushes too,and good one’s can be really expensive no doubt. And will have to agree with you about bag’s ‘vs’ boxes.. I’m very compartmentalized in my life, so boxes add more cheer than not.. but right now, i have too many irregular shaped one’s lying about and I’m also lost on what to put in them.. the bags on the other hand go into another bigger bag where I pull one out from time to time to serve a certain ‘bag-ly’ purpose … but hey, at least they’re pretty and no two are the same

    • Shasha, Yes, Ipsy does deserve a good look at. If you can find someone to forward ship you these bags, they’re great investments and cost less than an average lunch in town. The only boo-boo is that the waiting list takes forever.. i sat on it for a good six months before someone gave up a spot and i got on… who knows, perhaps it might be shorter should you try your luck.. however it works out, do keep me updated as I’d like to know how Ipsy works for you šŸ™‚

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