Tales of Ipsy – Part III November Glam Bag

Gong Xi, Gong Xi .. i hope this has been a great start to an Amazing Chinese New Year welcoming the galloping horse and waving goodbye to the slithering snake. As with all things festive, so is my Ipsy Glam Bag which is the feature for today. Splashed out in gold and aptly themed ‘Glam It Up’ – Ipsy’s November 2013 bag and it’s selections for me are absolutely spell-binding and I think that they couldn’t be any better 🙂

So what did the stylists at Ipsy pick for me this month around? Hang around at salivate with me ….

I am constantly amazed at just how much goes into one of these little bags ...

I am constantly amazed at just how much goes into one of these little bags …

This little gold clutch is pretty much the same dimensions as all my previous months Ipsy bags. They all hover around 18 cm X 11 cm which is circa the size of a large palm … it’s like a little clutch that you could put your daily makeup essentials in or maybe a small wallet and a tiny handphone … I haven’t used them for anything yet.. though my daughter does seem to have her eyes set on them for some project .. i know not what YET!!!

So this month’s bag was bulging a little and that’s because instead of the customary 5 products I got 6 which i reckon was the same for everyone. The extra was an inclusion of something from EM, Michelle Phan’s new makeup line which has taken US by storm.

So 6 products... a mixture of full and sample sizes :)

So 6 products… a mixture of full and sample sizes 🙂

Yes, my jaw does drop open too every time I unzip an Ipsy bag… and remember when I said they don’t disappoint… they don’t..instead I’m constantly cheered up each and every time… why? Well, here’s six reasons

  1. em Michelle Phan – Lash Gallery Mascara in Black
  2. Be a Bombshell – Lip Crayon in Shameless
  3. Nailtini- Straight Up Color Nail Laquer in Champagne
  4. Pixi Beauty – Bronzer in Summertime
  5. Starlooks – Gem Eye Pencil in Topaz
  6. Glamglow – YOUTHMUD, Tingleexfoliate Treatment

So now on for what they look like 🙂


em Michelle Phan – Lash Gallery Mascara in Black

As I said in my previous post, I’m more than ecstatic that someone is reading up my beauty profile over there at Ipsy… This Mascara came in black and even though I can be sometimes a little adventurous .. Black is something I can wear on a daily basis … No swatches here this time.. simply because I’m saving the swatching for a full review on this baby alone.. so hang in there until I have a good eye-lash day 🙂

Be a

Be a Bombshell – Lip Crayon in Shameless

Be a Bombshell ..yea, I kinda like how that sounds. Bobmshell Cosmetics started up in 2011 is the brainchild of Ms. Tonya Thompson, a self-confessed make-up fanatic. In the last year their products have sprung up in beauty boxes from UK to the US and so loved are they some of their products have earned well deserved cult followings.. Lucky me has in my possession 3 pieces of Bobmshell cosmetics and Yes, this too has been saved for an independent review… which you really don’t have to wait too long for as I’m just bursting with pent-up frustration just to share these little wonders with you 🙂

Nailtini - Nail Laquer in Champagne

Nailtini – Nail Laquer in Champagne

Ok, so if I had one tiny disappointment in the November Ipsy Bag, this would be it…. my pet peeve would be the colour… Champagne is something I’d wear on my lids, as a highlighter or even as a shimmery nude on my lips but never on my nails.. it just drown against my skin tone and I would end up looking like I had no finger-nails. Quality wise I coulnt say, i haven’t swatched this colour, but the reviews are quite encouraging. British in design and manufactured in the US … it’s a brand for polish – lovers to look out for.


Pixi Beauty – Bronzer in Summertime

So this was another favourite. Once again a much loved brand in both the US, UK and across most of Europe is Petra Strand offering from Soho in London. 10 years old and very much committed to to bring out the simple beauty in women, they have grown from strength to strength in the ensuing years and has a very loyal following.

I received their bronzer in Summertime which is exactly what I would have chosen for myself too. It’s dark enough for me to also use as a base but not too dark and does not drown me out.. it could probably work as an highlighter for me too.. will just have to put some on the next time I go out and see how it works for me.


Starlooks – Gem Eye Pencil in Topaz

I received the Starlooks Pencil in Topaz this time around… not a colour I would have picked up on my own as I don’t really know how to carry out a shiny silver off sorts… but i like the texture and the wear-ability so this one I’ll be keeping for when the little girl needs concert make-up.


Glamglow – YOUTHMUD, Tingleexfoliate Treatment

And finally last but no least is a small tube of Glamglow Youth Mud. All the way from the hills of Hollywood where beauty secrets are whispered in hallowed spa’s and beauty houses come this revolutionary new youhtmud (mask) which is of professional quality no less to leave your skin glowing and radiant. Alas I have yet to try this one, but if the reviews on Spehora’s US site is anything to go by it’s something on my to-do list …. and whilst a small tub which is good for about 3 applications may not be give me lasting results ..i can only cross my fingers and hope for tighter pores 🙂

What a spread <3

What a spread ❤

Really for USD10 , this was nothing less than a steal. em cosmetics are by no means cheap even on a normal day in the US, so that alone more than makes up for the cost of the bag. The same for Pixi, which also comes with a rather above average price tag. Seriously, i love getting make-up mixed up with a little skincare, so this bag more than makes me smile.

On that note, here’s to more smiles all around. Happy Chinese Year to all my readers near and far and may the year of the Horse bring you lots of joy and great happiness.

12 thoughts on “Tales of Ipsy – Part III November Glam Bag

    • Samia babe, come home soon … we miss you too ❤
      As for the Ipsy's, have my BIL to thank for that… he's currently based in the US. so am getting the bags shipped to his place and he brings them back whenever he's back in town 🙂

  1. Babe, or some reason champagne looks cute on toenails. My friend and I with 4 different skin tones – in true spirit of “muhibah” – decided to paint our toenails with the same champagne colour. I can’t say the same for fingernails though 🙂 Not to mention they work great as a layer for ombre nails. Don’t toss!

    • Hey you… do tell me how the Champagne polish works for you and does it pass muster… i like the description they put on the box, where they say shake it, mix it, layer it … HUGS

    • Hey Carine, it took me a while to get on the subscription list.. i thought it was never going to happen. But was ecstatically happy when they finally got me on. 🙂 Lots of great new brands in here as well as some well- loved currents !!!

  2. Happy Chinese New Year Sharon!
    Wow…I’m jealous of u Sharon…
    I read all 3 posts of your ipsy bag & my do they do a great job at curating products for the subscribers. Not to mention the em cosmetics mascara & be a bombshell lip crayon.
    If only I could get my hands on these ipsy monthly subscription bags too!
    Gotta agree with Laura that champagne nail polish works great on the toes. In fact I got this colour in 3 different brands. Love the colour so much. =D

    • Happy Chinese New Year to you too Nadia 🙂 Yes, the people at Ipsy do a really good job of curating the best they can… and this month they were extra generous too. Was just mentioning to SG that Laura is the new owner of the Champagne Nail Polish… I’m just glad that it’s found a new home

  3. Of all your Ipsy bags I think I like this best. It is glam. I especially like the champagne polish. I think Laura has a point there – I think it is a nice pedi colour.

    • SG : Yes, am loving the bag too.. have already started using the products and am more than happy … as for the nail colour, it has actually found a new home… perhaps Laura might do a review on it and tell us how this fares up 🙂

      • Oh no..what have I got myself into. Sharon, you sneaky you! I didn’t realized that it’s actually the same nail polish until I revisit this post.

        I’ll do a review once my gel pedi wears off. Now, that’s not going to be any time soon.

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