My Mascara Adventures with em !!!

So I love mascara… I mean who doesn’t right?!! If there was one item that could spruce up your look, give definition to your eyes and take you from now to ‘wow’ it would be the much-loved mascara.

It makes sense really, after all wasn’t it with wave of her wand that the Fairy Godmother got Cindy (Cinderella) all glammed up and ready to meet her prince. Of course the wand in question here sits in a tube, has a brush on one end and gets waved at our lashes but really the magic is no less amazing. 😛

Having said that it is a magical wand, it’s no surprise really that mua thinks mascara is a must have in any girls arsenal of beauty products. I have a few, I say a ‘few’ because over the years I have dispensed with those that are bothersome,clumpy and produce fallout and keep in my possession, the one’s that are awesome 🙂

Now when presented with a new one, I must say i was rather excited to try it out immediately and decide on whether it was a ‘keeper’or a ‘tosser’. The brand in question today is none other than em, Michelle Phan’s of Ipsy’s new make-up line that’s making headlines in lots of places.

So far there’s been a lot of mixed reviews about EM, quality wise, price wise with lovers and haters mixed in the fray. For lack of access to EM until recently, I was mighty pleased when I got a full-sized sample in my Ipsy Bag.

So enough with words..lets have a look at the pictures so you can see how it works 🙂

em mascara in

em lash gallery mascara in Black

The box reads : Give your lashes clean, fresh volume without clumps :) hmmm

The box reads : Give your lashes clean, fresh volume without clumps 🙂 hmmm

What the brush wand looks like up close ....

What the brush wand looks like up close ….

Peeking at the wand and sniffing at the liquid in the bottle ( yes, i do that as an off-putting smell means this would go nowhere near my eyes ) seemed like every other tube of mascara. I didn’t feel the brush was any special seemed pretty ordinary to me. But lets forget about outward appearances for a bit and take a look at its application.

Before.... i have lashes that curl but they've become a bit sparse over the years

Before…. i have lashes that curl but they’ve become a bit sparse over the years

And this is after ... noticeable difference ..YES!!

And this is after … noticeable difference ..YES!!

So let’s have a discussion about clumps and drying time… This isn’t entirely without does a little but nothing like some other mascara I’ve used that create mini-disasters. As for drying time, it was surprisingly fast ..i like to pinch my lashes together to ascertain if they’re dry and my fingers stayed quite dry.

Results of 'dry' test .... fingers unscathed

Results of ‘dry’ test …. fingers unscathed

So was this a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ for me? I’m going with a resounding YAY … I’m happy with this mascara, not mightily bowled over by the likes of Benefit’s They’re Real but Michelle Phan does not disappoint here as well…. I felt it gave my lashes some serious definition without too much drama and this is definitely a mascara that you can carry out during the day.

If you fancy to try this mascara or any other em products, they have finally launched international shipping and it’s free shipping too at the moment…. this mascara retails for USD16 (RM 50 approx) at em’s official website which you can have a look at here.

So that’s it for now folks, Happy Weekend and stay tuned, for a little birdie tells me it’s soon time for a GIVEAWAY !!!

10 thoughts on “My Mascara Adventures with em !!!

  1. Totally impressed with the results! Especially on the lower lashes! Wow!
    But then again, you’re blessed with naturally gorgeous long lashes anyway.. *winks*

    Miss you babe! XO

  2. It does have a gorgeous finish, doesn’t it? Definitely helped along by your lovely lashes in any event, but it’s something I’ll be looking into when my hoard of mascaras runs dry!

    • Do check it out…. if your oniomania extends to mascara’s as well.. then i’m sure it’s going to be a very long time before you’re out of mascaras Arpita dear…. will need to come on your shopping trips the next time around.. if only for inspiration ❤

  3. The Em Mascara looks quite good which is more than I can say for the horrible mess I am making with my Benefit They’re Real – super clumpy on me. In addition to not really having eyebrows, I’m not really blessed with decent lashes either. Oh, why does hair never grow where I want it yet pops up where I least need it!!!! @#&*%!!!

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