Fun With Art & Craft – Make your own Magnetic Photoframes

Do you have some lovely pictures that you’d like to see often ? pictures of the children or family that brings a smile to your heart every-time you look at it..  we seem to have lots of pictures like that at home and instead of putting them away into a photo-album to be glanced at every now and then ( which translates to maybe once a year, for some of us), the children and I pop them onto the fridge held up by a magnet or two to keep them from falling. But fall they do, every time the fridge door gets opened and little hands grab at things, the pictures tend to fall.

So we decided to brainstorm – YES!! We do that a lot at home and decided that we’d do something about it. The best idea of course were Magnetic photo-frames. But, unfortunately, after a foray in our local stores, we came up with two findings – Firstly they were very rare and thus hard to find and Secondly, they cost quite a pretty penny too.

But we did not let that deter us, the kiddos and I decided that we’d make them ourselves. So as usual, we headed to the multipurpose stores nearby to see how we could achieve that and that’s where we found these cute wooden photo-frames.

008 - Copy

These plywood ( sanded smooth ) photo-frames cost us RM 1.50 a piece (about 0.50 USD) and come in varying designs. I think we ended up buying all the designs but we started out his project with each child picking out their favourite one 🙂 Each are about the size of your palm and are light yet remarkably sturdy for little hands to work with.

009 - Copy

We used Magic Ink Markers to fill in the colour as there was quite a bit of detailing within each photo-frame that required sharp points. If you have an older child, you can also use poster paint as the colours will then be more brilliant.

010 - Copy

Children can astound you with their creativity hence they choose what colours to use and how they want to colour something in.

011 - Copy

Once they had coloured in their photo-frames which did not require much drying time, it was time to mount the magnet. I found an A4 sized piece of magnet for RM 2.90 at the same shop and all I did, was cut three rectangular pieces and affixed them with double-sided tape to the back of the frames.


And voila, we had 3 gorgeously handmade photo-frames to mount on the fridge !!!

012 - Copy

So there it is Mommies and Daddies, another project to inspire the creativity and imagination that’s abundant in our children. As before these projects do not cost a lot of money to do, it only requires time and effort and a zest for trying new ideas. On that note Happy Tuesday and Happy Crafting !!!

4 thoughts on “Fun With Art & Craft – Make your own Magnetic Photoframes

    • Laura.. that might happen sooner than you think 😉 I cant wait to come see you fridge-full-of-artwork over the years !!! Tell Nicky..I’ll be cheering you both on!!!

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