Fun with Art & Craft – The Endless Possibilities Of Working With Blanks

I went shopping for books and crafts recently, which isn’t fairly odd as my shopping escapades usually run along those lines if and when I do venture out to town. And being always on the lookout for great craft ideas I was irresistibly drawn to something that caught my eye on one of the shelves of a much-loved book store.

Blanks – What comes to your mind when you think of that word.  Most of the time the word Blank is used in relation to a negative connotation or expression BUT when you think outside the box – Blanks mean oodles of endless possibilities. For my children it means a blank canvas to express yourself in any creative way they choose.

RoseArt Color Blanks - RM 14.90 from BooxAxcess

RoseArt Color Blanks – RM 14.90 from Book Xcess

This set is quite comprehensive, it comes with :-

  1. 3 deluxe sized figurines
  2. 2 mini figurines
  3. 2 clips
  4. 6 mini permanent markers
  5. stickers and embellishments
What's inside the box

What’s inside the box

For today’s project, my daughter decided she’d use the figure with the cylindrical head.

All excited to get started

All excited to get started

Getting started is really easy, all you have to do is sketch an idea on to a piece of paper or for older children who are confident, to go ahead and start drawing on their blank figure. My daughter decided she’d like to have a surfer girl, and set out immediately with the idea.

Work in progress

Work in progress

Completed work !!!

Completed work !!!

Ta da, we were both extremely  pleased with the completed figurine and having on stickers for the eyes and mouth helped a lot. She finished this in under 15 minutes, a quick crafting activity for older children but I reckon an equally fun activity for younger children. I have yet to get my boys to do this as they have been quite engrossed with their new Lego set of late but am waiting to get them to have a go to see what wonderful ideas then come up with.

So until later but before i finish let me leave you with some wise words from my daughter, something that resonates very deeply within me…

” There is no right or wrong in Art, everything is an expression of creativity ”  – Ariana Carmel Ravi

wise words coming from a nine-year old don’t you think? A subtle reminder to both parents and teachers that every child expresses their artistic creativity differently and that we should encourage and never stifle our little one’s artistic expressions.

One thought on “Fun with Art & Craft – The Endless Possibilities Of Working With Blanks

  1. I love Ariana’s quote! They are wise words for one so young. Kids often say the most insightful things.
    I love the art kit! I want one too and the price is so reasonable for the figures and the tools to decorate them. Are the figures made of styrofoam?

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