Supplementing Picky Eaters – Ahrjun’s Journey With PediaSure

I have 3 children and they’re each as different from the other as chalk and cheese. I always marvel at how 3 children brought up in the same home with the same values and nurturing can emerge to be lovely little individuals with truly unique personalities. So different and unique are they that even their eating habits are different.

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Of the three, my second child Ahrayn, the elder of the boys has to be the easiest to feed. He eats anything and nearly everything served to him, he’s every mother’s dream child because he finishes up everything on his plate during meal times. My eldest and youngest on the other hand are finicky eaters. Ariana is 10 and does not eat fish and eggs, because of that I have to customize her meals and ‘hide’ minced fish in meatballs and mix eggs in soups so it does not resemble an ‘egg’ anymore.

But among the toughest of the three is my youngest one and aptly called the baby of the family, at 4 he’s the smallest of the lot and the most picky of eaters. He does ‘not’ eat greens and many other types of food depending on his whims and moods. For me, his ‘not-eating-greens’ was such a big challenge as all of us at home, hubby, myself and the older two are big fans of green leafy vegetables, be they in salad’s, stir-fried or steamed, we enjoy them and have them for every meal. So it did come as a little surprise when we first noticed that our youngest child refused to eat anything green, which really is quite funny as his favourite colour is just that, GREEN.


Accepting only a few types of food and refusing to try new ones via

Eating very little, especially fruits and vegetables

Eating very little, especially fruits and vegetables via


Disrupting or prolonging meals, they play with their food more than actually eating them via

I have tried cajoling, threatening, pureeing and nearly every trick in my little book of ideas to get him to eat his greens and other food served to him during meal-times, unfortunately it’s a battle I am frequently losing. Because he is quite small in size for his age, I started him as well as his sibling on PediaSure during every school holidays.

This time around, I was elated when I received samples of Abbott PediaSure® Complete Liquid with Elite Formulation along with an invitation to blog about our journey during the sampling period. This was my childrens first experience with PediaSure in a ready-to-consume liquid form and I was as keen for them to try it.

What motivated me to start him on PediaSure is based on facts from an independent study that has revealed that picky eaters typically consume less than 50% of the recommended daily intake of macronutrients, resulting in a nutrition deficiency that has negative consequences on both physical and mental development. 

For those of you who are familiar with PediaSure, you will know that it is a supplemental beverage that helps kids to grow.  Previously I had always purchased PediaSure Tins, where the formula had to be reconstituted with water. While not a hardship at all, I was excited when I received the new PediaSure® Complete Liquid with Elite Formulation.


PediaSure® Complete Liquid with Elite Formulation

So what exactly is the PediaSure® Complete Liquid with Elite Formulation? PediaSure® Complete with Elite Formulation is Malaysia’s first ready-to-drink liquid supplement which provides complete nutrition for picky eaters from 1 – 10 years old. Scientifically designed to provide parents with complete reassurance for their picky eaters, anytime, anywhere. 

220ml bottle that keeps at room temperature, just the perfect size and extremely handy while on the go

220ml bottle that keeps at room temperature, just the right size and extremely handy while on the go

I liked the new packaging, for me as a parent this was very useful as now I could carry a bottle with me when we were out and about and if he refused to have a regular meal, i could offer him a bottle of PediaSure Complete Liquid and I would know that he would be getting a complete meal.


So how does one bottle equate to being a complete meal. Well, firstly each 220ml bottle is an Optimized Formulation that is prepared with Unique Sure3 system for  optimal growth and development. Containing 24 vitamins and minerals that  meets/exceeds 100% of the US Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI). PediaSure Complete Liquid contains Triple Protein Complex with Taurine that supports growth and development and Advanced Carbohydrate Blend for balanced energy release and absorption as well as MCT oil blend for easy digestion and nutrients absorption. The liquid is lactose-free, making it suitable for children with lactose intolerance, contains no preservatives and is also Gluten-free.

Ahrjun enjoying his PediaSure® Complete Liquid with Elite Formulation.

Ahrjun enjoying his PediaSure® Complete Liquid with Elite Formulation.

For me as a mother, as much as it was important to me to supplement Ahrjun’s meals, it was also primarily important that the product met safety and health standards. According to PediaSure, their products have Unrivalled Product Integrity and Safety . Their bottle which is made from BPA-free plastic is a revolutionary bottle packaging to lock in product freshness and limit product degradation.  Each bottle comes equipped with an oxygen barrier to prevent oxidization and  also has multiple layers of barriers to prevent light sensitive vitamins from being lost to light exposure.

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Someone is very happy with his bottle of PediaSure 🙂

So how did Ahrjun fare after 3 weeks on PediaSure Complete Liquid, well firstly I have certainly seen a weight gain, he’s put on some weight and is looking so much more brighter and cheerful. While he’s still picky about eating greens and certain other foods, he doesn’t mind drinking the PediaSure Complete Liquid every morning and evening.  As for height increase, I would say it may be still to early to say if it has grown any taller. What  I can vouch for though is that he seems to be much healthier. Previously, he was always susceptible to cough and colds upon returning to school after a school vacation break, but this time around, he’s marched through 14 days of school like a trooper.

Would I continue on PediaSure for Ahrjun? I certainly would, at least until he’s reached the height and weight for a child his age. So for mummies and daddies if you are keen for your child to try it, PediaSure Complete® Liquid with Elite Formulation is now available in a delicious Vanilla flavour at all major Chinese Medical Halls and selected supermarket chains, retailing at RM45 for a pack of six 220 ml bottles.

For more information on PediaSure do head on to and on that note here’s me signing off for now and wishing you a Happy Week ahead 🙂



Disclaimer : All samples were provided for the purpose of review but the ideas and opinions stated are the authors own. 

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