The Sothys Experience

I’ve been flirting with skincare lately. It all began when I finally finished my regular full-sized bottles and tubes of cleanser, toner and moisturizer and then i was stuck as to what to move on to next. Moving on was not hard, I have so much skincare stash I was spoilt for choice but the hard part was picking a brand that I’d want to try.

I rummaged through my wardrobe ( YES!!! That’s no-no land for the hubby and kids because it’s where I keep my world, literally) and i found something that had been sitting in it for quite a while. I’m the kind of person who saves the best for last and having said that I keep the best brands stashed away thinking it will last longer that way. No, it does not work that way, i’ve learned quite late in life, that when you get a good brand, you IMMEDIATELY start on it.

Anyway, in the recess of my wardrobe i found a Sothys trial skincare set that I’d been keeping for a rainy day. Now, Sothys is really no stranger in the world of High-End skincare.  A legendary name that represents excellence and prestige in beauty institutes and spas all over the world for over 60 years, Sothys is synonymous with luxurious, efficacious beauty. I knew then, I’d been letting my Sothys skincare sit for a little too long and decided that rainy day or not, it was time to bring out these tubes and see if they could work their magic on me.

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What I had to work with were some products which over the course of two weeks would be my best friends and favorites in terms of effective skin care.  Now, to understand my statement, you’d first need to know a little about my skin. While my skin is combination, it borders more toward dry. And if having combination skin was not a case in itself, i had loads of blemishes from pimple pinching and poor sun protection habits over the years. Yes, ladies skipping the sunblock damages your skin BIG time. Take it from me, I’ve skipped sun care so often mindless of the fact that sun damage can throw all other beauty precautions down the drain. You can cleanse, tone and moisturize till kingdom come, but if you skip that sunblock ladies, it’s akin to asking for premature aging.

So yes, I had early signs of blemishes and Oh my, I was utterly distraught and for the longest time ever, everything I used was not making it better. Until now, that is until Sothys. My daily skincare routine now begins with Sothys Morning Cleanser, a cleanser for all skin-types. This cream based cleanser emulsifies to perfectly cleanse your skin without drying it. With my combination skin, I’v be been searching high and low for something that effectively cleanses without removing my skin of its moisture, and now I’ve finally found the one.

photo 1

In the evenings, I use the Purifying Foaming Gel. This one is specifically for combination skin and does a great job of removing all the dirt, grease and impurities after a long day. Once again, this is a cleanser that does not dry my skin instead leaving it gorgeously soft and supple.

The next item in my routine has to be my absolute favorite. Aptly called the Vitality Lotion, it does exactly what it claims to do. It revitalizes your skin. I remember when i first saw the bottle, I thought they may have been a little ambitious with giving it such a lofty name. Ladies, let me tell you, whatever is in this bottle is nothing short of AMAZING. With just a few swipes on some cotton, your skin will glow like never before. Upon sniffing it smells quite medicated, but whatever goes into this lotion, or in our terms toner, must be in perfect combinations because it is simply quite marvelous.

photo 2

After cleansing and toning, I usually move on to moisturizer. But I won a Sothys Peach & Apricot Vitamin Treatment & Mask Set thanks to The Lilac Box sometime ago and I decided it was time to start using the treatment. This 21 day treatment bathes your skin in oxygen and vitamins to revive the skin.  Between the two I absolutely love the Vitamin Treatment.  Remember I told you about having early signs of blemishes. This is the product that I believe has single-handedly restored my skins complexion. I could see signs of improvement after a week and now 3 weeks down the road, my skin tone has finally become even.

photo 3


After the Vitamin Treatment I finish with their Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream. This is perfect for my combination skin, providing the right amount of moisture without being greasy after feeling. And also one of those moisturizers that works for both day and night.

photo 4

The good news for all these time well spent diligently using great skincare products, is that my skin is finally glowing without the need for make-up to make it stand out. The only are now I need to work on, is the bags under my eyes that do not seem to be going away, Maybe, I ‘ll need to find a eye-cream from Sothys and see if it can do the job.  The bad news is that, I’ve nearly finished up all my Sothys products. But seriously, if I was going to spend a pretty penny, I would willing do so on something that works for my skin. So off I’ll be heading to a Sothys Boutique soon to stock up on the products that work for me and I also hear that this year they’ve introduced the Sothys Raspberry& Lychee Oxygenating Treatment Duo, and that is definitely on my list. So ladies, keep your fingers crossed for me that the hubster goes along with my need for more Sothys in my life. Will let you know how that’s coming along in the next few months.

Until later, Cheerio and Happy Week 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Sothys Experience

  1. Oooo your skin does look lovely, and it did when I saw you too! My only issue with Sothy’s has been that they are far too highly fragranced for me too enjoy. Other than that, they do some excellent products!

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