Picky Eaters & PediaSure

Picky Eaters, hmm…. I always wondered if my kids pick up my eating habits. I’m one of those people who keep clear of fish unless it’s right out of tank and into a wok. I’m also a little particular about the way my eggs are prepared and for the longest of times, stayed clear off eggs with runny yolks. Now you’re probably wondering what does my eating habits have to do with today’s blog post. Well, i recently found out that children pick up on their parents eating habits and if you have a child that is a picky eater, there are chances they learned it at home.

So here I go, OMG really!!! But I offer my children a wide variety of healthy food choices. Yes, I may avoid consuming certain types of food of them but I still cook them at home for the family. Well, mommies and daddies, your kids are watching you and in this case, my kids are definitely watching me.

I picked this up as well as a whole lot of other tips at an intimate brunch session organized by Abbot Malaysia for Mommy Bloggers like myself  to share and relate our experience and concerns on the issue of picky eating among our children. If you have read my earlier blog post on this subject( you can find it here ) you will know that I received samples of Abbot PediaSure Complete Liquid with Elite Formulation for my son Ahrjun who showed promising results while he was consuming it.

photo 3

The sharing session was moderated by Dr.Shaalani Ramachandran, Medical Director at Abbott Malaysia and together with Dr. Chin Wai Seong, Consultant Pediatrician at ABC Children Specialist Clinic they set out to answer the many questions concerned parents had about childhood picky eating habits.

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To find out more about PediaSure and it’s local appeal, The PediaSure Malaysian Story via Video was presented. It was very heartening to see that some Malaysian parents have found the Elite Liquid Formula an effective alternative when their children refuse proper meals. This followed by a presentation by Dr. Chin which found highly informative as it covered a broad range under the topic of picky eating, It was also here that I discovered as I mentioned earlier that I may have inadvertently contributed to my children’s picky eating habits by refusing to eat certain food myself.

So as a parent how can you make your child’s eating habits more nutritious? Well, for starters you can serve meals more creatively. Fruits and vegetables come in a variety of lovely colours, cutting them into cutesy shapes and creating a theme during meal times will encourage your lil’ ones to try out different foods offered to them.

Perhaps you could even let your children play chef, my kids are always excited to eat what they’ve helped to prepare. I find this way really useful as besides finishing up everything on their plate they take great pride in the decision-making process making them so much more confident and independent little individuals.

I’ve also found that small meals served with slightly more frequency can also be effective in encouraging your child to consume different types of food. Sometimes I cut fruits and fresh vegetables into little cubes and serve them as a snack and they love it. What more it’s a much more healthier choice for them.

So mommy’s don’t despair, if your child seems to be picking on his or her food during meal times, try some of the ideas above. A child needs a sufficient amount of nutrition to grow and develop and if you feel your child still lacks nutrition there are ways of supplementing their meals. On that note, I wish you a lovely Friday and an AWESOME weekend ahead. Here’s to creative eating ideas and Happy, Healthy Children.


Disclaimer : All samples were provided for the purpose of review but the ideas and opinions stated are the authors own. 


One thought on “Picky Eaters & PediaSure

  1. Thanks for sharing your view on Pediasure. I was skeptical at first but it turned out to be quite efficient on my underweight daughter. Of course it will never replace the benefits of fruits and veggies but it’s definitely helpful 🙂

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