Shopping With Mr. Lens

Glasses, Contact Lenses and the like, do you use them? I do…. no thanks to a combination of genetics and bad reading habits in dim light I like many of you out there have to rely on glasses and contact lenses so that I can see the world bright and clear in Technicolor no doubt. So how do I go about purchasing the things I need.

If you’ve read my blog often enough, you know I’m all for online shopping. Being a mother of three and living out-of-town do not bode well for frequent shopping escapades  but really the ease of online shopping is a lot more than that. Imagine saving on fuel and parking and not to forget that much-needed commodity, TIME.

In terms of purchasing contact lenses, my latest in online shopping has been with Mr.Lens. Mr.Lens was setup in 2002 and is a dynamic company dedicated to providing you the highest quality service Today, they are proud to be the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and other major parts of Europe, going global. For us Malaysians, we’d be glad to know that Mr. Lens is now available Malaysia too! 

Now not all of us may not be too comfortable with online shopping or not familiar with the How’s and What’s. So to give you an idea, I thought that perhaps instead of my usual verbal dialogue, I’d put together a small picture tutorial on how you too can shop on Mr. Lens. Firstly no doubt, you have to find the website right, so head on to a   Next Up, Register a New Account if you are a new customer or if like me, you already have an account, just go ahead and Log In 🙂 c   If you are new customer, you will first need to fill in your personal particulars. This form contains information required for delivery of your purchase.   So now, you’re ready to start your shopping experience, browse the pages and when you see something you like you can click on it to get a better description. At this point you can also update your preferences for colour and power 🙂 b Once you’ve decided and are happy with your choice and are ready to proceed, add the items to your cart. e You are now ready to Check Out. You will first be asked to Confirm your Order. This is where you check and make sure that the item description, price and mailing address is correct. photo 3   Next you will be asked to choose your Payment Options. You can choose between Paypal, Credit Card or Online Bank Transfer. photo 2Finally yiu are ready to make payment, at this point, you will be re-directed to Mr. Lens Online Payment Portal. However before you proceed, this is also the point where you can enter any gift voucher number you may have, or even should you have some special mailing instructions, you can put it down in the box titled Add Comments About Your Order. photo 1 So this is the best part. Where after making payment you wait for your purchase to arrive to your door-step. The great thing about the folks at Mr. Lens is that they keep you informed at all times about the status of your shipment. I received an email from them Confirming my order and then two hours later another email stating that my contacts were already shipped out with tracking code too. ❤

photo 4

photo (3)

Seriously i found them really efficient as my contacts arrived the very next day and I got some thoughtful extras from them too.   So now that you too know the How’s & What’s of shopping via Mr. Lens, you know where to head to when you’re looking for your next pair of contact lenses or those sun glasses you absolutely adore. On that note, here’s me signing off for now. Happy Weekend everyone !!!

3 thoughts on “Shopping With Mr. Lens

  1. Despite being an avid online shopper, I’m surprised I’ve never actually purchased my lenses online before. I guess it’s because it seems like such a chore and not quite as much fun as buying beauty or fashion online but your talk through here made it seem easy, Sharon.
    I have a rough time of it each time I buy lens from the bricks & mortar shops usually because I have to drop into the shop I buy them from twice – once to place a prescription order and and a second time to pick them up. This is even more of a hassle.
    I should consider doing it this way from now on. Must remember this and give web shop a go. I like the little extra touch of including lollipops.

  2. SG@ I know right, the lollipops were a lovely addition but will have to remind them next time that they’ll have to put in three 😉 But seriously, I find online shopping quite therapeutic. It’s so easy to get yourself something with just a click and it saves soo much of time 🙂

    • Oh yes, three lollipops, for sure! So hard to divide only two fairly between your three lovely rugrats. I agree, I find online shopping fun too until it starts to involve Malaysian Customs and then it’s not so fun 😦

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