The French Connection With BOURJOIS Paris

Bonjour everyone 🙂 What a better way to start this week then to immerse myself in all things French and to kick things off I’m going to start off with a new-found ❤ Bourjois.

For those of you in the know, you’ll be glad to hear that Bourjois is finally making its way to our shores right  here in Malaysia. Set to open its doors on the 1st of June with it’s first store at Sunway Pyramid, I’m sure women-folk the country across are waiting with bated breath for all this is distinctively Bourjois.


Bourjois has been synonymous with gorgeous decadent make-up having set up shop In 1863 in the theatre district on the great boulevards of Paris. The company’s first creator was the actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin and being quite the skilled artisan he prepared makeup and perfumes for actors and actresses in the comfort of his own home creating and popularizing the ‘Little Round Pot’.

But Bourjois as a brand only took off later in 1868, when Ponsin entrusted his entire activity to Alexandre-Napoléon Bourjois. The company blossomed in the hands of Monsieur Bourjois, who made it internationally known. By 1898, the company had come up with a catalogue that today’s modern one’s would later follow. Featruing  Makeup for cheeks, for eyelids, rice powders, polishes, lipsticks and Indian tablets that were the ancestors of mascara, as well as “perfume extracts for the handkerchief,” “perfumed sachets to put inside slippers,” toothpastes, hair lotions…and even a “Hungarian pomade” to help arrange a gentleman’s moustache!, it was the kind of catolog women could pore over for hours making long lists of everything they needed for both themselves and the men in their lives.

However ladies, Bourjois isn’t only about makeup.  They have so much more to offer. And what I have been coveting for the longest of ties has been their Bath range. For those of you who read me often enough,you will know that I love nothing more than an Amazing shower experience. From scrubs to bath oils, shower creams to bath bombs, my time in the bath is reserved for me alone and coming from a mother of three I can tell you, having 10 minutes for a bath is pure luxury.

So it really does not come as any surprise that the moment I first got my hands on some items in the Bourjois Douches (Bath) range, I was nothing short of ecstatic. Thanks to some lovely ladies who know how to make wish-lists come true I found myself the proud new owner of 4 delightful Bourjois products.


photo 3

From the four I currently have now to hopefully all that I will soon add to my collection, I think my absolute favorite is the Huile De Douche – Delices De Soleil, roughly translated meaning Sun Delights Shower Oil. Yes, you heard me right, this is a shower oil minus the oiliness. A delightful, hydrating slightly viscous liquid that emulsifies will pamper your skin and awaken your senses with the fragrance of Vanilla and Mango. A summery scent, this one truly loves your skin without any added parabens.

My other favorite as is with all thing that has the word ‘scrub’ in it, is their Gommage De Reve. This dual action exfoliating and nourishing shower gel removes all the grime of the day and nourishes your skin with essential fatty acids from Jojoba Oil. Once again this little marvel is also paraben free and dermatologically tested.  I love how this exfoliating shower gel exfoliates without scratching the skin. The scrub particles are soo minute, it goes deep into the layers of the skin and yet does not hurt it.

photo 4

But that does not mean I don’t love the other two, the Sublime Moi is a lovely shower cream and the Desaltere Moi is a another AMAZING product. This is Bourjois first Shower SERUM, yes, folks that’s serum to you 🙂 this has left my skin amazingly hydrated. This is fairly new in their Bath range and has the refreshing scent of Jasmine that’s an absolute pick-me-up in the mornings.

So that’s the four I do have and then there’s the many more that I do not. Hence why I am very,very much hoping that when Bourjois opens their doors right here in Malaysia, I can add all the rest into my never-ending bath collection. For the rest of you who may already want to start making shopping lists, here’s what else they have on offer 😉

photo 2 photo 1

Ah but that’s not all, for a good look on what Bourjois is all about and to salivate on their make-up line, you can head here. I’m not too sure how much of what they have will be available here in Malaysia but I’m sure either way I’ll be spending hours at their store. And if you too would like to find out a little more on the When’s and How’s, their Malaysian FB page is up and running, head on here.

So here’s me bidding you Au Revoir ladies, rest assured there’ll be a follow-up post to this one as soon as I visit their store which should be real soon.


31 thoughts on “The French Connection With BOURJOIS Paris

  1. I’m so excited about this launch and have my eye on their blushes and lipsticks! I only hope the prices are fair so I won’t need to order from ASOS anymore.

    • Me too SG – am hoping they keep their prices reasonable so we dont have to stalk ASOS anymore 🙂 Cant wait to see the lippies and blushes you pick out ❤

  2. i definitely cannot wait to restock my Bourjois items and try new ones! all these while i only have access to their makeup and never their bath items. thanks for posting this great information sharon ^_^

    • Mieza : I know right, the world hardly seems to know that they have a great bath & body line too..even for the men 🙂 Am hoping that they feature both make up and B&B in their kiosk.

    • I love their bath range, am always looking for a great bath & body line and when i found out that Bourjois had one too, i had to get my hands on some. And the best part is, it’s all good 🙂 Here’s keeping my fingers crossed, they’ll have your Bronzing Primer !!!

    • Lucky you, I would love to shop for cosmetics in Paris too. Yes, they are originally from France but they’re slowly making their presence known around the world.

  3. I smiled to myself about what you said about you liking amazing shower experiences – I’ve had some pretty horrendous ones throughout my travel days! I imagine that these products would have made them a bit better!

    • I can imagine Alyssa, travelling especially if it’s the backpacking kind leaves little room for luxuries. I hope you have better ‘shower days’ in your future travels 🙂

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