Fun With Arts & Crafts (The Holiday Project ) Felt Animal Masks

Hi Mom’s & Dad’s .. and YES!!! I am back again so soon with another installment of Fun with Arts & Crafts. After my StoryTime Puppets post from yesterday,I received quite a few messages from parents asking to share some other ideas with materials that could be easily sourced.

So this time around I thought I’d share with you how to make Animal Masks. A couple of months ago, my daughter landed the role of the wolf in her school’s play rendition of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. She wanted me to BUY her a wolf costume. It’s moments like these I wish she was more the sweet and docile type and had chosen to play ‘Little Red’ rather than the wolf for a red cape would have soo much more easier to purchase or sew. But having landed the role of the wolf was an opportunity of sorts because it paved the way for another fun crafting activity.

After scouring my usual stores for suitable felt material, I found the better quality one’s in Daiso, and I picked up the colours I needed as well as some Fabric Craft Glue for our little project.

Since it was to be a wolf, I first cut out a rectangular piece of felt. The length will vary from child to child. The best way to estimate the length, would be to pull both short ends together in the middle over your child head and then leave double the length at the back so that it will sit well on your child’s back. At this point you have two choices, you can either glue the felt together but it will slightly overlap or you can do what we did, which is to pull both ends and staple them together – see picture

Next up my daughter drew a template of the ears which we cut out and smaller inner made out of pink felt to give some colour dimension to the ears. We attached these to the ‘head’ with Fabric Craft Glue. To make the glue adhere, I ironed it on low temperature. Please, please note here, that felt burns/melts very easily on high temperatures… so to be safe, place and old pillowcase or any other hardy fabric on top of the felt before you iron. I was rushing at one point and if you look closely at the wolf’s eye’s, you can see the damage.

photo 1

After attaching the ears, my daughter set out to cut out the eyes, nose, teeth, whiskers, eyebrows and all the little details which added character to the wolf. This is a great time to involve your kids. You can give them small squares of felt and ask them to come up with expressions for animal masks. For the younger one’s who may have difficulty with scissors, get them to outline the design on the felt with a marker and parents can help to cut the designs out.

photo 4

After gluing all the different bits and bob together, the mask was ready. As an added extra we also made a tail for the wolf which i attached to her grey skirt. The overall costume was a success and the wolf was a hit along with the play and even her teachers at school have vowed to start making costumes in the future rather than purchasing them.

photo 3

As for us, it was a great family activity. The wolf mask makes it appearance from time to time when the kids act out Little Red Riding Hood, and the boys have asked for more masks so that they too can have one to call their own, so this is definitely something we’ll be doing this upcoming school holiday.

So mum’s and dad’s, if you’re feeling up to it and have the time, why not use this school holidays to make some Animal Masks of your own and get the kids involved with storytelling and home plays. The kids will love and so will you. On that note, Happy Crafting 🙂



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