Tales of Ipsy – Destination Beauty

Ola Ladies, and here I am back so soon because I’m just in awe with my latest Ipsy Bag and I have to SHOUT out and tell you all about how awesome it is. Seriously, it’s been one great ride with Ipsy and they’re constantly surprising me with new brands that are only too easy to fall in love with.

Thanks to my SIL who recently got back from the US and brought me the March bag aptly titled Destination Beauty; I finally have in my possession something that’s been on my wish-list for the longest of times…   After 6 Ipsy bags, I can say for sure that the specifications of the bags are standard, bigger then a coin pouch and smaller than a regular make-up pouch, it’s a great size to throw in your handphone, keys and small change. The styles and colours vary from month to month and this month in collaboration with artist Klari Reis, the bags showcases her geography based series titled Street Anatomy.

photo 2

So what did I receive in the March bag ? Here’s goes

  1. Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter ❤ ❤ ❤ – 73 ml
  2. Nicole by O.P.I , On What Grounds – Full Size
  3. Be a Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad, Bora Bora – Full Size
  4. Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick, Get Ready – Deluxe Size

photo 1

Really, could anyone ask for any better and all this for only USD 10 circa RM 33? But lets put that affordable price tag aside and drool at the variety. I’ve been wanting something, anything from Pacifica for the longest of times and finally, finally I get my hands on their Indian Coconut Body Butter that smells so divine, it practically burst with fragrance even when unopened. I’m going to be doing a post on Pacifica soon as one paragraph does not do justice to this Amazing brand.

Moving on, I’m elated to get the eyeshadow quad from Be a Bombshell, this little wonder that looks absolutely right for my colouring will be joining my other Be a Bombshell cosmetics and I cant wait to swatch this soon. For those of you who missed my previous post on Bombshell cosmetic.. you can read it here

Next up would be Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick. Once again, I’m delighted to see the likes of Bare Minerals in an Ipsy Bag, it just goes to show that the stylists at Ipsy are great at procuring established brands as well as great new names for their subscribers. I have yet to swatch this lippie, I have one too many lipsticks right now so I’m going to keep this for another occasion, or who knows I might just cave in to temptation and surrender.

Finally, an item that will drive polish diva’s crazy, from the folks at Nicole by O.P.I comes their new spring innovation yet – Roughles (pronounced “Ruffles”) nail lacquer! Available in 4 pretty pastel colours to choose from,  Roughles go on like regular nail lacquer, but dry to a speckled, textured finish.


I got mine in On what Grounds and whilst I would have loved I’m Stucco On You, the mint green that I got is pretty awesome too 🙂

So that was my March Ipsy bag ladies, what do you think? If only Ipsy delivered worldwide, I’m sure half the beauty box aficionados would not bat and eyelid and subscribe. Unfortunately for me, I only have 2 more bags to go as at the end of June, I’ll have to end my subscription as my BIL (who is kindly lending me an address and forwards me my subscriptions) comes back home to Malaysia. Keep your fingers crossed for me though and hope that I’ll find someone else who’ll be kind enough to forward me these lovely little bags as I still can’t get enough of them 🙂 On that note, here’s to a great and gorgeous weekend ahead.

12 thoughts on “Tales of Ipsy – Destination Beauty

  1. Wow, another hit for Ipsy! Lovin’ everything in it!
    Bora bora consist the ideal colours for you, babe! It’s so you! *winks*
    Btw, please apply on the nail polish when I meet you next! Been dying to have a look at the feathered finishing of these sort of nail polishes!

    Can’t wait to see you hun! Miss ya XOXO

    • Kay, I know right, it’s such an Amazing bag 🙂 And bora-bora is the kind of quad that work beautifully with lots of different skin tones. Cant wait to see you soon too hun ❤

  2. Ooh, lovely Bombshell eye quad, the bareMinerals lippie, the OPI lacquer – and of course, the bag. It’s all amazing for that price! This bag was made for you, darling!

    • You know me well ShopGirl. I do think this was my favourite of the lot so far.. which is interesting because i say that with every new bag. And for that price.. if we took it a dollar for a dollar … i wonder what we’d get here back in Malaysia?

  3. Omg…all i could say is wow wow wow wow wow! So worth the price.
    The bombshell eyequad is gorgeous!
    Lucky u Sharon…Im green with envy! Lolz….

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