Thursday Plantation – Your Organic Solution To Acne Problems

Our Malaysian weather has been playing havoc on my skin lately. The extreme swing from overbearing heat to sudden rain showers that dip the temperature is quite perplexing especially when one has combination skin like mine. That and perhaps a combination of stress has seen so pimples pop up on my skin and I can assure you, it’s nothing short of perplexing.

Unfortunately for my genes, I was one of those teens that had pimples during my teen-years. And with nosy fingers, pinching pimples has left minor craters on my face which still tends to erupt from time to time. I mentioned this to a friend who promptly got the the people at DKSH to send me some great products from Thursday Plantation.


For those of you who like me, have ‘pimply’ issues to deal with, you’ll be glad to know there is now an ORGANIC solution to your acne problems. Thursday Plantation is quite special and let me tell you why. Hailed as the first Scientifically Developed tea tree plantation in the world, they are also the first to screen for environmental contamination to ensure their tea tree oil is Pesticide- Free. Today they are certified organic and have created a range of safe and natural Acne products that does not contain chemicals.

But first what is Tea Tree Oil? Tea Tree Oil is basically an oil that has antibacterial properties. Long used by the indigenous people of north-eastern New South Wales, who had known about the healing and disinfecting properties of tea tree oil for thousands of years. They applied poultices of crushed tea tree leaves to cuts and wounds and inhaled the volatile oil from the crushed leaves to alleviate congestion and respiratory tract infections. Tea Tree Oil is also widely used in treating acne. Because of it’s antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, Tea Tree Oil is perfect for the treatment of acne and provides much needed relief in controlling and reducing it.

I started off my acne control regime by first cleansing my face with Tea Tree Daily Face Wash. This all natural and soap free foaming cleanser did a great job of cleansing the sebum of my problem areas without drying out my skin which is all too common with most other acne products. This cleanser is great as because it is pH balanced, it makes it ideal for all those with sensitive skin too. And like the other organic products under Thursday’s Plantation, what makes this infinitely more appealing is that it’s free of parabens, sulphates as well as made without any synthetic fragrance or colours.

photo 1

Next up, I used the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner which is an alcohol-free toner containing natural extarcts of aloe vera, lavender and tea tree oil. This toner not only removes excessive oil and tightens pores but also removes bacteria from the skin. For me the pore-tightening was noticeable after barely a week but I think what I liked most was it’s scent. The idea of naturally fragranced products are very appealing and this toner does a wonderful job of calming your senses too.

photo 2

But perhaps the best of the three and the one product I find so immensely useful is the one I’m going to share with you next. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is a 100%, yes I will repeat that, 100% PURE multipurpose liquid that does everything from treating minor cuts, abrasions, insect bites and stings to treating acne. For those who suffer from chest congestion, you can even add a few drops into a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam. I use this not only on pimples that pop out all over the place but it has come in handy with the kids as well.

photo 3

As a mother I have become all too conscious of the need for safe, natural and organic products and when I find something that works for the common cold as well as a great antiseptic for their frequent scratches and scrapes it makes me only too happy to share it with the world. Malaysian women must also share my sentiments because it was a winner of Women’s Weekly-2013 Best Beauty Buys.

The picture below does well to show you how Thursday Plantation products have worked on my skin.

photo 4

It definitely succeeded in taming the pimple down much faster than usual and the scar is well on it’s way gone too. So if you too are interested in trying out a natural, organic approach to acne treatment, do try out Thursday Plantation which is available in most leading pharmacies nationwide. Or even if you do not have a problem with acne, the Multipurpose Liquid is something you’d find many uses for… I know I have and I’m loving it. 🙂




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28 thoughts on “Thursday Plantation – Your Organic Solution To Acne Problems

  1. Believe it or not, I’ve yet to try a Thursday Plantation product, since I’ve never had much acne issues *touch wood* 🙂 Bu your skin is starting to look so much better after the 5 days. Continue using it, would love to see the ends results Sharon. ❤

  2. Wow! These products sound great!!! I do not normally have pimples…but is great for those random days ^^


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  3. Tea tree is one of my favourite smells. I don’t have acne as such but I would still use tea tree shampoo and conditioner and body lotion as I love the scent. Not everyone likes it as it smells quite clinical. Not tried this brand though. I hope your skin continues to improve.

  4. I’ve tried a bunch of products with tea tree oil on them but so far no luck with them helping with my slight acne. Then again, my issue is hormonal so I’m not surprised!

  5. i have serious acne prob last month and i tried body shop tea tree oil , cellnique acne gel it give result almost similar to urs but cellnique is better..i then use bar soap from borneo soap it does really clear the acne and when i travel the acne pop again then use the soap again when im back it slowwly clearing the acne!!

  6. Sounds promising but if I use those skin care products specially formulated for acne prone one will be too sensitive 😦 I’ve tried Shills mandelic acid essence, that’s the best product I’ve ever used to cure acne!!

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