Butterfly Turns 1@ Laser WarZone

When caterpillars turn into Beautiful Butterflies it’s an occasion to celebrate and when it’s a Birthday Celebration to boot how can one say no. Just about a month ago the Butterfly Project turned 1 !!! and to celebrate the occasion Butterflies were invited for games of Laser Tag at Laser Warzone at e@Curve.

photo1 3

For the uninitiated Laser Tag has all the fun and excitement of paint ball minus the mess and pain. Imagine coming in your favourite tee and shorts and not having to suit up with heavy gear with the exception of a uber cool vest that comes attached to a laser gun. For a mother of three who likes a great game and is always scouting for fun activities for the kids this came as a refreshing way to spend a Saturday morning.

photo1 2

Here we were Butterflies all eager to start off our morning and what greeted us were our smiling Mamasan Tammy Lim and butterflies Ayna and Caroline as well as a breakfast spread to satisfy even the most pickiest of eaters.

photo 3

Meeting new butterflies, catching up with old friends and replete with food and drink, we were ready for battle. No sooner had we said our hellos and caught the requisite photographs were we welcomed and given a briefing by the management of Laser Warzone who divided us into four groups and proceeded with a demonstration on how to use the vest and gun. Points were given for tagging someone from the opposite team on various points on the vest’s front, back and gun.

photo 1

My team mates and I decided to call ourselves the Huntress, possibly hoping that such an apt name would herald victory on our battles. The first game was rather a challenge, learning how to use the gun was quite easy, getting used to being immobilized every time you got tagged and learning the floor plan was a little tricky but soon overcome by me zipping all over the battle floor shooting everything in site. Thank goodness for newbies like me who shot every person in site, team mates including, we didnt get penalized for shooting our own.

Initially I thought that 10 minutes of game time would go by in a flash but boy was I wrong, when you’re hunting and being hunted…10 minutes stretches a long way. Add that to moving about and perspiring, I was truly shocked at the workout I was getting.

Whilst the two teams doing battle were busy trying to shoot each other and peg up more points, the other two teams could catch up with the game, check score and rest back at the waiting room. The waiting room comfortably holds up to 60 people and there are ample tables and chairs both indoors and outdoors to sit and wait for your turn. Two full screen tv’s provide real time coverage on what is going on in the battle room and I found this a great way to pick up pointers on good hiding spots and vantage points.

photo 2

But alas all good things have to come to an end and before I knew it, I had played 3 games. Points from each round were accumulated to tally the final scores and Huntress emerged as 2nd runner up. Whilst we didn’t win, I totally enjoyed the easy camaraderie with fellow butterflies as well the relaxing atmosphere in which we all participated. I also learned a thing or two about the guns and vest and how to use both to my advantage and that saw me pegging the second highest spot which had me grinning since I was pretty much one of the ‘oldest’ of the butterflies.

photo 11

The champions of the day were Team Laserfly of which my dear friend Arpita was part off and the first runners up were team Athena who played a good game and came in a close second.

photo 4

Seriously It’s been a long time I had this much of fun and its thanks to both the Butterfly Project and the awesome folks at Laser Warzone at e@Curve who graciously sponsored us butterflies so that we could celebrate turning one with bucket loads of fun. Laser Tag is a great activity for team building and crosses the age barrier making it great for both adults and older kids.

One games normally costs RM 20 for and RM 17 for students. As always with more comes better discounts and the chart below clearly lets you know the rates for 1,2,3 and 4 games.

price list tv resize

With their large and wide 5000sq feet multi-interactive arena they also host corporate team building event, extreme birthday parties and massive world class gaming tournaments. Their party and corporate packages are RM 50 per pax which includes round robins of 4 games ( 1 refresher and 3 competitive battles)  per participant as well as food and drink.


For more information on corporate packages, feel free to drop them a call at 03-77331335 for more information. They also have Facebook presence and can be found here. Or if you just want to browse their webpage, head on to http://www.laserwarzone.com/

On that note, here’s me signing off for now but not before I thank the lovely ladies at the Butterfly Project for an awesome celebration party. To find out more about the Butterfly Project and their activities, do head on to   http://www.butterflyprojectmalaysia.com/ or visit their FB page here 🙂



3 thoughts on “Butterfly Turns 1@ Laser WarZone

  1. I seriously dig the idea of you and Arpita shooting it out *cue evil laugh*
    Too bad we couldn’t make it a full shopaholics group event.
    The Butterfly Bloggers is so much fun!

    • It was loads of fun.. we should try it someday.. For someone who is so against firearms and all for gun control it quite surprised me how much I enjoyed zapping the ‘enemy’ 😛

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