Enchanteur – Of Lotions, Serums & Enchanting Fragrances

Enchanteur – a French word meaning  enchanting, entrancing and/or ravishing, how apt then to describe a brand that produces a range of fine quality French-inspired fragrances and fragrance-enhanced toiletries for the young, romantic and elegant female. 

This is pretty much a notion that inspired me in my hey-days as a youth scouting for their sweet-smelling fragranced soaps and shower gels hoping that I was the girl i n their advertisement. If you are Malaysian and you are anywhere under 30, I am sure that the Enchanteur commercial has struck a chord with you at some time or another.

It was great then that I was given an opportunity thank to the Butterfly Project to revisit this brand all over again. This time around it was in the form of their body lotions and serums that greatly appealed to me as I was looking for lotions as the weather has been quite unforgiving and my skin was bordering on nothing short of dry.

photo 1

Enchanteur recently released a new range of lotions that work very well in our Malaysian weather. 4 different variants that suit our lifestyles while being mildly scented.

Lets start with my favourite of the lot, the All-in-One Body Serum which contains Licorice Concentrate that helps protect against pigmentation and dark spots and promotes fairer skin. This too was strengthened with SPF 24++ making it ideal for the 30+ °C Malaysian temperatures. This water based lotion has all the benefits of a serum which means it’s very, very light. I was surprised at how quickly my skin absorbed this and left my skin perfectly hydrated without usual heavy greasy after feeling that is too reminiscent of most locally produced brands.

photo 2

  • SPF24++ Sun Protection against harmful UVA & UVB sun rays
  • Licorice Concentrate to whiten and even out skin tone
  • Hyaluronic Hydration for 24hours hydration

My next favourite which is no surprise really is the Light & Fresh Body Lotion which is also a water-based formulation that is fast absorbing and deeply moisturizing. This one also contains UV protection and the famed licorice concentrate as well as the added benefits of Portulaca and Aloe Vera.

photo 3

  • UV protection against harmful sun rays
  • Licorice Concentrate that prevents the formation of dark pigment
  • Portulaca and Aloe Vera Concentrates that deeply moisturize your skin

Next up is the Firm & Repair Body Lotion for those who are looking to repairing their damaged skin while improving its elasticity.  Enriched with micro-collagen and Swiss Edelweiss, this lotion has the dual benefits of firming and repairing skin while protecting it against free radicals.

photo 4

  • Micro Collagen that strengthens and firms up body tissues, keeping skin firm, supple and youthful looking
  • Swiss Edelweiss protects skin against free radicals and works actively to repair damaged skin overnight
  • Good for outdoor as it also comes in uplifting and refreshing fragrance that keeps you fresh even it is hot outside.

And finally for all those who are looking for fairer and more even skin tone, the Triple Whitening Body Lotion that promotes fairer more radiant skin with the help of whitening ingredients – Vitamin B3, Sakura & Licorice Concentrates that work together to whiten and even out skin tone.

photo 5

  • Vitamin B3 helps stop the aggregation of melanin to prevent pigmentation
  • Sakura Concentrate works tyrosinase activity to even out skin tone
  • Licorice Concentrate prevents the formation of dark pigment

All in all I was very impressed by this range of lotions and body serums from Enchanteur. If you know me I’m not a fan of strong, cloying smells and all the four were just great, lightly scented with refreshing scents that smelled just right in out hot summer weather. But what won me over lock, stock and barrel were how light yet moisturizing these four were. Quickly absorbed and leaving no sticky residue these were ideal for me. As for the price, a quick foray into our local pharmacy tells me these were so affordable and even more so when there’s a sale.  So if you’re in the market for a new lotion and these appeal to you, you know just what to get.

For more information on Enchanteur, check them out at enchanteur.com.my or visit their Facebook page here.

On that note, ta for now and Happy Mid-week everyone 🙂

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