Mousseing Off Makeup with Beauty Talk OxySolution !!!

So that was a mouthful but I’m glad I said it. I just discovered a brand new product that triples up as a make up remover, gentle cleanser and toner all in one and this is something I just have to share with you.

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a bottle of OxySolution Mousse from Beauty Talk by the lovely folks at HiShop to try out and I much say the first things that piqued my interest was that the mention of OxyPercalin®, So what exactly does this do? Well for starters it helps to gently remove the dead skin and rebuild the healthy skin with oxygen. There’s been lots of new development in using Oxygen in skincare. We all know that Oxygen is the most important resource there is, three minutes without it and we’d be keeling over but the question begets,just how useful is Oxygen for our skin?


Now I’ve been reading up on the importance of Oxygen in skincare and I can surmise that Oxygen is important to maintain the health of the skin and speed up cell turnover. Oxygen not only works to repair skin and regenerate by reducing fine lines but also assists with the production of collagen and elastin.

So isn’t it great that we know have access to a brand that claims to harness the benefits of Oxygen for skincare. I think it’s more than awesome. I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I’m truly impressed. But before I go into the why’s, let me share with you the How’s and What’s…

How exactly does Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse  work, you ask  Well first of all by using liposome conduction technology with exclusive formulation OxyPearcalin®, the mousse that is made up of tiny molecules rich in oxygenating essences and moisturizing factors penetrate deep within your skin to clean dermal impurities and activate dermal cells from the inside out.  The benefits of using the mousse  are enhanced skin vitality, softness and radiance. But that’s not all, regular use will increases the oxygen into the skin, which in turn improves the skin’s self-repair ability giving you skin which is supple and moisturized.

 I’m very picky about what I put on my face, so I always check out the ingredients to see if they work for me.
photo 1
So to find out exactly what are the active ingredients in this product, it’s listed here for you.
OxyPearcalin® Exclusive Beauty Talk Oxygen Formulation : Replenish Oxygen deep into skin to promote skin renewal.
Sorbitol : A Gentle cleansing agent which performs cleansing effect without injuring the skin, and improves the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients. Sorbitol is used to gently thoroughly remove dead, unhealthy skin and help renewal of skin cells. Without the need for abrasive rubbing, it is suitable for all skin type and sesensitiven.  
Trehalose : To protect keratin (protein found in the skin)  and to prevent moisture loss. Also used to hydrate skin.
Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber Extract) : To provides softening, refreshing, toning & moisturizing. It soothes wrinkles and refine pores size.
Aloe Barbadensis Extract : It contain antioxidant and healing properties, protect skin against harmful UV rays. Also softens, moisturizes and hydrates skin.
Jojoba Seed Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil) : Acts as a moisturizer and emollient agent to improve the skin elasticity and suppleness, containing natural pherols to minimize oxidation.
photo 2
Now, remember how I was saying that this is one multi-use product. Because it’s really mild and does not strip skin of moisture as in with other common cleanser, this mousse from Beauty Talk is great to use as a toner. All you have to do is apply an appropriate amount of Oxysolution Mousse to cotton pad and gently wipe the entire skin surface to remove the dead or unhealthy skin. Rinsing with water after is optional.
Using it as a toner

Using it as a toner

Next us would be using it as a make up remover… now this is where i truly fell in love with the OxySolution Mousse. Why firstly because a lot of my usual makeup removers don’t work for the sensitive skin around eyes and lips, but this one DOES :). Secondly and also as important, is that this works very well on waterproof makeup.
I use very heavy-duty eyeliner all the time as I need to keep them on without giving me panda eyes in our humid temperature.  Usually I’ll need to work my eye makeup remover as it takes more than a few swipes to get it all off. But with this one, it took me just one swipe to get the heavy eyeliner off and another one to thoroughly remove any remaining traces.
LOL... with my makeup on... Note my heavy liner ;)

LOL… with my makeup on… Note my heavy liner 😉

photo 2

See how it gets all the makeup off with just one swipe


Half on, Half off and finally all off ...

Half on, Half off and finally all off …

And finally that I got all makeup off, I just had to spritz a little more eon my palm and use it as a gentle cleanser. The after effect was wonderful, my skin was noticeably more moisturized and looked fresh and radiant. And for me, what was excellent is that I finally had one product that I could do so much with and lessens the clutter on my bathroom counter top.
So just in case you are the type with sensitive skin and wondering if you can use this, it would be good to note that this product works for all skin types even for sensitive skin. And if you have the kind of skin that’s breaking up all the time. then you should give this a try as it’s highly recommended for those who have
combination skin with oil unbalancing, acne, whiteheads and blackheads.
So if you’re keen to try it, it’s available on HiShop here, and that’s not all use Coupon : SHARONSREE to get a 15% off your purchase. HiShop also has the Beauty Talk range available, so if Oxygen for skincare is your thing, do check out what else they have on offer.
HiShop is available on a variety of platforms, so if you’re always on FB or Twitter, you can follow them to check out their latest offers and promotions. So go ahead and :-
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On that note, here’s me signing off for now. Happy Weekend and Happy Shopping !!!

38 thoughts on “Mousseing Off Makeup with Beauty Talk OxySolution !!!

  1. Loved seeing your step-by-step for this product. It’s like having you around in person and you know, I haven’t seen you since Laura’s big day! Too long, Sharon-babe!
    As much as I find that most foaming cleansers dry me out, I actually love the lather and am addicted to that squeaky clean sensation that only comes from foaming cleansers. The trick is to restrict use to t-zone only but sometimes, I really do need that squeaky clean feeling.
    By the way, judging from the amount of gunk I produced after my recent and first-ever SilkPeel treatment…I think I might need some more stripping and sanding.

    • LOL, i know there are many a day and espcially in this horrid weather we have now, that I like nothing better than to get all that dust and grime off my face. And your absolutely right about the wonders of foaming cleansers ShopGirl, it really gets into the pores and gives it a thorough cleansing…

    • Thanks for stopping by Illeana 🙂 Oxigen infused beauty products are still relatively new in the beauty market… do let me know if and when you do get a chance to try this one out.

  2. Sounds lovely. I never tried this kind of product, mousse cleanser. To be frank, I just heard that there’s a such cleanser. I do have oily combo and acne prone skin and along this time I’m never sure there’s another deep cleansing product other than milk cleanser.

    • Hi Revenian, Mousse cleansers are pretty much similar to foaming cleansers. They have a similar deep cleansing effect as the foam can get deeper into skin for a thorough cleansing and hence why they’re great for acne prone skin/

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