Naturally Young – The lapureté Way

If one trend is making inroads in the world of beauty and skincare and is here to stay it would be the move towards natural ingredients. Skincare products which harness this properties not only care for our skin but also for the environment around us.

As a beauty blogger there are many things I’m concerned about when it comes to what I put on my face and skin. I’m finicky about certain ingredients and embrace others. As a 30′ something I’m also very much well in my way about being HYPER-concerned about how healthy or young my skin looks and feels. No doubt drinking copious amounts of water, eating and living healthy as well as the right amount of exercise can do wonders for your skin but never underestimate what good quality skincare can also positively affect the health of your skin.

Achieving young healthy skin should really start when you’re into your twenties. Getting into a good routine and using products that contain ingredients that are kind to your skin should be very much prioritized. As we journey into life testing, experimenting we get definite answers in the products that work for us and those that don’t.


In line with that, I was recently offered something new and natural to try and needless to say, my attention was more then piqued. Hailing from Australia comes a line of skin care that focuses on anti-ageing products  that contain high quality, natural, effective skincare ingredients for younger, healthier, beautiful looking skin.

lapuretea lapureté has in recent years come up with two lines of age specific skincare. Their Okuru line is targeted for individuals 35 of years and above while their Wakame range for those in their 20’s. I had the opportunity to try and test their Wakame line and I’m so excited to share with you how it worked for me.


Firstly for the uninitiated, lets take a look at what Wakame is. Now Asians and I’m sure lots of others too are no strangers to sea weed.  Derived from the Japanese name wakame, it’s also known as sea mustard in English. For those of you who have to have their sushi fix regularly, you may have come across wakame more then once on the conveyor belt or in your miso soups. Wakame salad is a big hit in my home and my kids can devour copious amounts of the stuff.


Wakame is good for many reasons. Known to help burn those stubborn fats around your internal organs, it has also in recent years been used in beauty treatments.Known as an ancient Japanese ‘Beauty Preserver’ , the beautiful ladies of Japan attribute their beautiful and radiant skin to their high use of Wakame seaweed.


The key ingredient that does this is something called Fucoidan. Wakame is one of the most dense plants in the world and contains one of the highest purity Fucoidan.  What Fucoidan does is that it protects the seaweed against a range of external stresses, including UV radiation and environmental contaminants such as marine-borne pathogens and viruses. The folks at Lapurete have managed to capture these protective benefits and come up with a line of skincare that is clinically tested to prevent ageing.

4Harnessing the ‘super-powers’ of Wakame, the lapureté Wakame range is designed to reduce the appearance of the first signs of ageing. Their core range is made up of their Hydrating Foam Cleanser and Toner,  Multi-Active Eye Repair and Protect and Repair Lotion.

photo 2

lapureté Wakame Hydrating Foam Cleanser and Toner is a self foaming cleanser designed not only to remove impurities, dirt and grime but also the added extra of removing all make-up, including stubborn eye makeup. The added benefit oh having it as a 2-in-1 cleanser and toner means it also evenly tones skin without the need for another step in your skincare routine.

photo 1a

So what did like about this? For me, I was surprised as to how much dirt it actually managed to get off my skin. The starter pack I tried also came with a chamois which I conveniently used as a wash cloth. I loved the clean feeling of my skin more-so because it didn’t feel tight or dry as in with conventional 2-in-1 cleanser/toners. One of the benefits of this cleanser as mentioned by lapureté is that the naturally derived ingredients are carefully formulated to work in harmony with your skin’s natural pH levels to maintain the skin’s moisture balance which basically means it kept my skin beautifully moist

Before Cleansing and After

Before Cleansing and After

Next up is probably my new found love. I’ve always had a love-hate relationships with eye creams, gels, thing-a-majigs because more often than not, they’re either way to heavy with their creamy textures or way too viscous that it leaves my skin feeling icky. Enter lapureté  Multi-Active Eye Repair and I was totally sold. This extremely light cream based eye repair is heaven sent for fussy people like me. The texture is amazingly light and settles into the skin beautifully without any heavy feeling after.

photo 2a

Targeted to smooth out and reduces wrinkles as well as reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eye area, this eye repair also works to increase the appearance of skin firmness and elasticity. Other than wakame, this lovely concoction also contains Sweet Pea ,

Soy & Rice Bran Peptides,Yeast Proteins as well as Vitamin E and Grapeseed oil all of helps in repairing and nourishing the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Step 3 of this program is another favorite. lapureté Wakame Protect and Repair Lotion. This slightly herbal, seaweedy smelling moisturizer will initially need some getting used to if you’re not a fan of unusual scents. But the smell is very much outweighed by it’s benefits. Once again harnessing the benefits of Wakame and along with Thermus Thermophilus which is an interesting ingredient as it plays a special role in protecting against UVA damage. One point that really caught my attention when I was browsing through the lapurete website was that Thermus Thermophilus has been proven to save 5 years of skin ageing over 6 months when applied daily.

photo 3

I have been using this range for a good 3 weeks now and I can see some positive small changes. Firstly in terms of moisture, my skin seems a lot more hydrated now compared to before. Another more obvious change which delights me very much is that for the fist time in as many years, the skin around my eyes is finally evening out. I used to have multiple deep set lines under my eyes ever since i can remember and finally after long last, it’s showing signs of recovery. Something I am very much thankful for. I can overly comment about wrinkles as I don’t seem to have them yet ( touches lots of wood) but the my laugh lines I’ve had ever since childhood are also finally beginning to even out and seem less pronounced. It’s still early days yet and I will have to wait and see if it’s totally evens out and report back on my findings to you all.


If you too are keen to try the lapureté Wakame range, you’ll be glad to know it’s available right here in Malaysia via The Love Jars. Passionate about delivering natural, cruelty-free, ethical yet effective beauty care products to their consumers, the Love Jars is the first multi-brands natural and organic beauty-care site in Malaysia.


For more on the lapureté Wakame and Okuru range as well as many other natural and organic skincare and make-up brands ( Badger Balm, Earth Mama, Bud’s Organics, A’kin, Antipodes Organics and Yes! Nurse to name a few)  do pop by The Love Jars website here . And since the Christmas seasons brings along with it festive sales, this is the best time to find a lovely present for someone near and dear or just as a treat for yourself and the one’s you love.

And to be kept updated on their latest offers as well as a RM15 rebate for your first purchase, dont forget to sign up for their newsletter too 🙂


An on that festive note, here’s me signing off for now but not before I wish you all a beautifully lovely Christmas and an Amazing New Year ahead !!! ❤ ❤ ❤


36 thoughts on “Naturally Young – The lapureté Way

  1. This is the first time I’ve heard of ‘wakame’ but I’ve probably seen it if you say that it’s a regular in these sushi conveyor belts. While girls are never too young to start caring for their skin, it helps to use products that are natural and not harmful. I have been into DIYs that use natural ingredients and lot of these mineral and more natural skin care products. And, based on your review and the photos you shared, Lapurete seems to be very promising and effective. I’ll check it out if I come across one here in PH.

    • @ RUSS. you’re right it’s never too early to start caring for our skin and DIY’s are a great way of starting. I hope you do find lapurete in your area, it’s a great natural product.

  2. I love products that are natural and cruelty free. We need to take time to care for our skin, specially our faces! I’m glad that you are having positive results with Lapurete!

    Happy New Year!

    • Thanks for stopping by Fernanda. Ditto on all that you said about caring for our skin. Our face and neck is the first to show signs of aging and using natural products is the best way to go.

    • Hi Papaleng007 .. i hope you’re nieces find this post helpful. But wakame is great both for men and women, dont forget to try some the next time you’re in a Japanese restaurant.

    • Thanks Elana Khong. I guess sometimes natural products can be a little pricey as there’s a lot of R&D that goes into it as well as the fact that natural ingredients are always more pricey then their chemical infused counterparts. It’s like eating healthy, organic products are more expensive in the supermarkets but so much more better for you.

  3. The wakame looks like a aloe vera at first but anyway… reading through your well-detailed post, I would assume that this is a promising product to try. You said it’s effective for you. Would you know if this is sensitive skin friendly product? 🙂

    • Hi louisechelle, not to sure about the resemblance of the wakame to the aloe vera 🙂 but they are both very beneficial plants. As for if it’s suitable for sensitive skin, i would say yes as the ingredients used are derived naturally.

  4. As you say, we would love to have a healthy skin regardless of our age and it is very essential to take proper care of our skin to attain that 🙂 Nice review on the product that protects and prevents aging of the skin 🙂

    • I hope you get a chance to find out more on lapurete Karen, it’s a great natural product and i think it’s pretty apt that we’re all moving in the natural, organic direction.

  5. Never heard of wakame before. Interesting plant. Age-related products should be marketed to both sexes. No one likes wrinkles. Haha! – Fred

  6. This seems like a very good product! I always use natural products on my skin. The effects may not be that immediate but at least you are not putting too much chemicals in our body which for me is so much safer. Happy New Year! I wonder if we have t his in the Philippines already.

    • Happy New Year to you too Angelo 🙂 You’re absolutely right, natural products may not work straight away and we’ll have to be patient with the results but they’re definitely the way to go for a healthier safer future.

    • Hi dolliejen, i suppose most natural products can be a little pricey but so are some of the more ‘branded’ skincare products out there. What’s great to know though is that we’re really caring for our skin this way.

  7. This was interesting to read as, I got to learn a bit more about some natural additives to cosmetics. Your after picture does look better… Wonderful!

  8. It is great that the skin feels feels fresh and clean after applying these cleansing products, your face does look soft and fresh after using Lapurete so I would also give this brand a try!

    • Hi Vanessa, i love the way my skin feels now a days and it’s such a joy knowing that it’s not chemical laden but kind to skin with natural ingredients. Do let me know how lapurete works for you.

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