A lively outgoing mother of three who loves curling up with a good book, great conversation with good friends and traveling to new destinations. Right now I’m intrigued by the world of beauty blogging and hope this serves a as platform for honest,unbiased reviews on beauty products,cosmetics and perfumes as well as the occasional jaunt to places far and near.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. hi Sharonsree, after view your blog, I’m feeling like want to subscript a beauty gift box! perhaps which you want to recommend? There are too much choices!

    • Hi Shu Wei, You’re right we Malaysians are so lucky with so many Beauty Box subscriptions to choose from. I’ve absolutely enjoyed every Modbox but they’re revamping for the time being. Having said that Mivva & Wonderbox have been quite consistent (with the exception of the March Wonderbox) As for newcomers am really loving Bag of Love too. The Lilac Box also comes across with a good range, though their price is steeper than then rest. As you said, there’s just too much choices 🙂

  2. Delightful blog very refreshing, I love your format and I am a lover of essential oils in fact I have been using them for my family’s wellness needs. Have a great day and I look forward to following your future updates. Allie

    • Hi Allie… Thanks for the thumbs up… It’s Amazing how aromatherapy has so many uses in our daily life and sometimes we easily overlook it’s healing benefits… do share with me how it works for you. -Sharon-

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