‘Glow” in a Jar With Snovits

There is nothing more fetching than skin that glows. I was told many times as a child that your inner beauty always shows on our face by how much we glow. However, as I’ve aged I do realize that while Inner Beauty is paramount to how much we radiate in a positive way, it helps when we have a product that can also help us on the way.

Enter Snovits Hydra Glow Essence – literally Glow in Bottle courtesy of the folks over at HiShop. Over my time testing and reviewing beauty products, I’ve come across a few skincare essentials that literally provide you much-needed skincare solutions bottled up. Snovits is one such product, a skincare solution that answers many common skincare problems we ladies face.

photo 1

Did you know ( as I recently found out too) that if you want your skin to glow and be radiant, your skin will require

  1. Sufficient Hydration
  2. Active Collagen
  3. Balanced Sebum
  4. Healthy Distribution of Melanin

For someone like me who is constantly in research it’s good to know that what’s mentioned above forms some of the prerequisites for great skin. So what exactly goes into a bottle of Snovits Hydra Glow Essence?

brochure jpg 3Formulated among others with Ascorbic Acid, that’s Vitamin C in layman’s language and Seaweed and Marine extracts, Hyaluronic Acid, Grape Seed, Olive Extract and Rose Essential oil ;Prolonged use of Snovits Hydra Glow Essence will improve skin hydration levels, tighten skin and open pores as well as enhance skin’s brightness making you look more fresh, energetic and youthful.

brochure jpg 4

So how exactly do you use this. Well. there’s 3 ways you can do it. As in with any serum, you can apply it on your face before you go to bed. Here, however you can also use it as a quick skin boost. Smearing on a generous amount and letting it rest for 20 to 45  minutes as a mask and then rinsing off will give your skin much-needed TLC that will allow you to look your best before any important event. And lastly if you really crave better skin in a shorter time, so invest in using it more regularly for faster and more obvious results.

snovits 3


Now then, lets have a look on how the product looks up close and personal and see how it worked for me….

photo 2

First up the packaging is simple yet very conventional and practical. Comes in a 50ml pump dispenser which means no spills and drips. The dispenser is capped to ensure the ingredients within stays fresh for long-term use.

photo 3

The serum itself is a light, slightly opaque white liquid that smells of a hint of rose. I love essential oils and the rose in this leaves it subtly fragranced.  It leaves no oily residue and glides on for a light and smooth finish. I like the consistency of the liquid a lot. Because of my combination skin, I’ve always stayed away from heavy and oily skincare products, so when I tried this out for the first time I was really impressed with how light it was. It glides on and is immediately absorbed by the skin, though there is a slight dewy finish pretty much how you’d feel when your skin in plumped up.

So now for the customary before and after pictures. Please excuse the hair, the weather has been particularly hot and it doesn’t bode well for riotous curls. Now then, picture below gives you a glimpse of how I look the first thing in the morning.


Please note dull looking skin, skin that looks like it needs some brightening no doubt.


Here I am again, with the product ready to be applied. I started out with quite a fair bit as I wanted to do the 30 minute mask application.


And here I am again, this time all fresh and clean. I dont know if you can see, but my skin loved the serum, it absorbed it very well and looked so much better after. My skin felt plumped up and looked evened out. Do note that, with prolonged use, pores are supposed to be minimized, something I am very much looking forward to as my pores trouble me at times.

I’ll definitely be continuing to use this product as I really, really like it. I’ve started to use it before my moisturizer and it works for me.  I also like this brand as their products are Free from Sulfates, Parabens, Lanolin, Mineral oil, Artificial colours, Artificial fragrance, SLS and Petrochemicals.


If you’d like to know if this will work for you, do give it a try. You can find Snovits Hydra Glow Essence at HiShop, Malaysia’s one stop for your beauty needs and it retails for RM 168. Link here HISHOP and don’t forget to use promo code SHARONSREE for some great discounts.

On that note, Happy Monday and here’s to an Amazing week ahead 🙂


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    • They do, dont they. I love how lots of online stores are willing to deliver internationally so we can try more brands Poulepondouse …. hope you’re doing great!!! and thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

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