The Art of Tattoo (ing) – With Shizens

Ola and I hope it’s been a great 2015 thus far. I’ve been spending a good part of the start of the year experimenting with some new beauty products and am raring to share some of my loot with you. First up is something I found in my Butterfly Christmas Beauty Box – the 2nd beauty box from the Amazing ladies at the Butterfly Project Beauty Bloggers Malaysia. More on the Butterfly Project in a moment but first lets take a look at what I’ve been talking about.


Ta da!!! Now I’m not too sure how many of you have heard and tried this lovely offering from Shizens but for those of you who are big fans then you’ll be bound to know that the Lip Tattoo is their Star Product. Shizens is relatively new where skincare and beauty is concerned but they’re products have attracted quite the following for an up and coming brand they sure have a wonderful range of skincare and beauty that are infused with natural ingredients. Shizens motto so to say is to offer a wide range of products, from makeup, skin protection to skin care, all created to revive and nourish your natural beauty. Combining eastern values emphasizing benefits from botanical extracts and the advancement of western technology, Shizens products are enriched with natural ingredients selected from different parts of the world.

So how does the Lip Tattoo work? This little wonder  works by spreading moisture to relieve the formation of fine lines. It also works to lighten dark pigmented lips and gradually turn them into natural pink or rosy tones. Just what I need 🙂 It’s the simplest thing ever, just apply a thin layer of the cream to your lips within the lip line and in a couple of minutes your lips turn a lovely rosy pink.


I tried this on my pinky finger and voila that turned pink too 😉


The Lip Tattoo comes in a chic rose gold and black box and it’s housed in a clear tube so you can see the white cream mixture thru. The applicator is somewhat similar to a lip gloss applicator and dispenses just the right amount on the tip for you to run it around your upper and lower lip within the lip line.

photo (1)

I’ve pretty much fallen madly in love with this Lip Tattoo as this is the perfect way for someone like me who tends to stay away from lipsticks during the day as being a Mom on the move, having a lippie on tends to make my lips feel a little too heavy 😉 Now I just apply a thin layer of the Lip Tattoo before I set out and it settles to a lovely pink tint which gives some much needed colour to my face.


Can you see the difference, how just a little touch of colour makes a world of difference to the appearance? Did I mention I’m soo loving this 🙂 So if you’re also keen to add some colour to your lips minus the heavy lipstick feeling, do give the Shizens Lip Tattoo a second look, they are available in most major malls or head on here  to find out where their stores are located and to keep updated on their latest offerings and promotions.

I’ll be unveiling more on what I got in my Butterfly Christmas Beauty Box in the next few weeks and how some of these products have got into my beauty routine for a great start to 2015. The Butterfly Project is an awesome platform for bloggers and if you’re keen to learn more do head on to the FB page here to find out more 🙂

On that note, Happy Week ahead and stay tuned for there’s more beauty surprises being unveiled for the lot of you really soon!!



35 thoughts on “The Art of Tattoo (ing) – With Shizens

  1. This seems promising! I love wearing color on my lips, but I also don’t like the heavy feeling most lip products leave. I’m curious though if Shizens is available in the Philippines… If not, I’ll definitely take note of it when I visit Malaysia. 🙂

    • Ho Sumi, am not too sure if they are available in the Philippine’s or not, will have to get back to you on this one. But you’re right, you can always pick it up when you come by here 🙂

  2. Hmm this does look a like a great product. I love that you have shown us how effective it is for you as a mom. I am the same way and tend to put on a clear balm, but this would be so much nicer.

    • I guess we mom are all the same MapleMouseMama, always on the go. Yes, this is definitely better than a clear balm. Nothing like a hint of pink to brighten up the complexion.

  3. For someone like who does not wear make up, the change can be noticeable. I like that this lip tattoo made you lips look natural. It would be hard to guess that you are using something on your lips. -katrina centeno

  4. What I love about the lip color you shared is that it’s a very pretty and subtle shade of pink. It gives you just enough of a hint of color… Beautiful.

  5. How is this different from a lipstick or a lip gloss? But I’ve seen blog posts about this showing how well it looks on the lips which makes me want to buy one for myself too though I couldn’t really distinguish the difference.

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