Sweet Delights with Klair’s Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish x Natta Cosme


If like me you too have a sweet tooth then you should make a beeline to the nearest Natta Cosme you see. Why? Well if only to try out and fall madly in love with a yummy new offering from Klair’s – their Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish. Now for those of you who are dabbling in the world of Korean Beauty Products, you’ll be glad to know that Klair’s hails from the same nation that brings us K-Pop and Kimchi . In recent years, Korean beauty products have captured the attention of beauty aficionado’s worldwide for their kind to skin ingredients, herbal formulations and uber cute packaging.


Klair’s is no different, slowly making her presence known both locally and worldwide, Klair’s is now set to wow your beauty routine as she’s done mine. I was recently sent a jar of Gentle Black Sugar Polish by the lovely folks at Natta Cosme for someone who rates scrubbing as the most therapeutic beauty step, this has taken my opinion on scrubbing, polishing, exfoliating to a whole new level.

There has been quite some discussion for and against scrubbing, but for the sake of those who are just reading on it’s benefits, let me list them down.

  1. Cleansing alone DOES NOT get rid of dead skin cells. Dead Skin needs to be exfoliated to avoid skin looking dry and flaky.
  2. Scrubs get deep down into skin pores, eliminating dirt and other debris that tend to get stuck in the crevices of the skin.
  3. Scrubbing helps to smoothen and soften coarse and rough skin, evening out skin tone.
  4. Scrubbing leads to skin renewal, when old, dry skin is finally removed, new skin cells take place and reveal radiant glowing skin.

But how about the benefits of sugar scrubs? Sugar scrubs are said to be the perfect kind of scrubs as they are user-friendly for all skin types because and have no side effects. Moreover because of the texture of sugar they are not only effective as exfoliators , but great for cleansing and massaging. Sugar melts easily and therefore does not clog the pores and is easily absorbed into the skin. It is said that the best kind of sugar is the black/brown variety as because of its texture it is gentler on the skin.

So how about the Klair’s Gentle Black Sugar Scrub, does it do all this and more?


The ingredients list reflects on just how great it is. Packed with Black Sugar, Shea Butter, Cranberry Oil, Andiroba Oil and Vitamin E, these ingredients come together to cleanse, provide healing, soothe and help skin stay young and supple. You’ll also be glad to know that Cranberry oil has anti-ageing properties, and when something can help slow down the ageing process, I say embrace it in its entirety.


When you open the little jar, you are greeted with a pale dark brown mixture, there is no discernible smell, just a hint of oils and  black sugar.


So to just see how great it was, I decided to skip my usual scrubbing routine for a good whole week, something that is just not done by me as I’m one of those people who need to scrub and exfoliate at least twice a week. Having let my skin be for a whole week really showed, my skin looked dull, lifeless and was begging for a good scrub.

So here I am sans scrub, i can feel my pores are clogged, my skin looks dull and there's a dark pallor to my skin.

So here I am sans scrub, i can feel my pores are clogged, my skin looks dull and there’s a dark pallor to my skin.

For the size of my face, medium, one tiny scoop of Klair’s Gentle Black Sugar scrub was more than enough. It provided good coverage and had the right consistency to remove all the dirt and dead cells that were just waiting to be scrubbed off.

For the size of my face, medium, one tiny scoop of Klair's Gentle Black Sugar scrub was more than enough


One small scoop smeared over.

One small scoop smeared over.

Once you apply the scrub to your face and neck, you can either immediately emulsify it with a drop or two of water or if like me you like a rougher scrub, you can use it as is. I have been using it as it, only to emulsify it at the last few moments, so that the scrub has access to any stubborn dirt and dead cells. Once you are satisfied with your efforts, rinse your face in water until the water runs clear, dab dry and voila ….. Gorgeous skin glowing with radiance 🙂


The other great things about this particular black sugar scrub was that I found it perfect to be used as a lip scrub as well. I’ve paid a pretty penny for ‘other’ lip scrubs and when i found that this one does the exact same thing as it contains both the scrub factor and emollients to hydrate the lips, i was ecstatic. Finally a scrub that works not just for the skin but also for the sensitive skin of the lips too and all in one package.

Personally this is my new favorite scrub and by it’s efficacy I know that one small 60gm jar will keep for a few months and because of it’s practical size, the usage per jar will ensure that the oils inside wont go rancid as is the case with most big sized bottles/jars of scrubs. This little jar of wonder retails for RM 79.00 on Natta Cosme but because they are always so nice and really generous with discounts, you can now purchase it for RM 63.20 on their website.



So if you too have been looking up, down and yonder for the perfect scrub, do head over to Natta Cosme, get to know the Klair’s products they have as well as browse all the other great brands they stock and have on offer. What’s great to note, is that they also ship Internationally. To find out more on their delivery options , do head on here.


And for you who like nothing better than browsing in a real store, do head on to their branches at Seremban 2 and SS 2, PJ.  Some of the brands they carry are ampm, Amphora Aromatics, Avalon Organics, Alba Botanica, Aubrey Organics, BCL, Baviphat, BCL, Buds, Borghese, Bison, Barrier Repair, Beauty Diary, BeautyMate, Bison, Colantotte, D-Up, Egyptian Magic, Naruko, Gamila Secret, Giovanni, Hanaka, Hoyu, Japan Gals, JUJU, K-Palette, Kinohimitsu, Kiss Me, Koji, Kanebo, Lennox, Love More, Madre Labs, Miss Hana, Meiji, Sana, Solone, Utena, Veet, Yuan Soap, so there’s bound to be something for everyone.

So until later, here’s to great scrubs and healthy radiant skin …. Taa and have a great weekend !!!






32 thoughts on “Sweet Delights with Klair’s Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish x Natta Cosme

  1. Such a lovely review, so far I’ve only known scrubs that are meant for face and never have I heard one that is suitable for both face and lips. Will definitely put it in my list of beauty items to try. You’re such an enabler.. Hehehe.

    • Hi Irena, this is of really good quality and has got lots of natural ingredients in it too. Home made scrubs are excellent , and there is nothing like using natural products 🙂

    • @ Rochkirstin, I’ve tried some dead sea clay masks and I love it…. salt scrubs are a little rougher though and they tend to sting hence why sugar makes a great alternative. Do have a try if you come across one, they’re very gentle to the skin.

    • LOL, Hanniz, i think so many of us are guilty of taking the easy way out when it comes to the cleansing routine. I’m just glad I absolutely adore scrubs and cant live without them but I’m guilty of skipping toner… will need to make that one a habit… Thanks about the pictures… am trying very hard to improve my photography skills..!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by Papaleng, facial scrubs are very much an important step in facial care. LOL, i’ve even got my husband one and he’ scrubs too. I hope your daughters will find this post useful.

    • Hi BeautyAsti1, it is a bit pricey but I’ve come to realize that sometimes we have to pay for quality and this one is bursting with lots of great ingredients.. Hopefully they come by your place soon otherwise there’s always international shipping 🙂

    • Hi Fernando, yes salt is another common main ingredients in scrubs but sugar is fast gaining popularity as it’s so much more gentle to the skin and does not sting as in with salt. But I love salt scrubs too, they have great mineralization properties.

  2. I had never heard of black sugar, and what’s more it is a facial scrub! What kind of sugar is it, and what makes the sugar black?

    • LOL.. dont be alarmed 3xhcch, Black Sugar is also knows an Brown Sugar. They are the product of sugarcane’s first yield and are known as molasses or jaggery in some countries. I think it gets its colour because it is unrefined, sugar cane juice is a dark brown when oxidized. I always pick up a sachet of brown sugar to go with my coffee at Starbucks… perhaps they might have it in your local one too.

    • Thanks evaarce, I really loved the texture and it did indeed brighten up my complexion… and yes, anything that gives the added extra and doubles up as a lip scrub is indeed lovely.

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