Balea 101 – An Introduction To Balea

Ola!!  I hope you’ve been having a fantastic start to the week. It’s been a gorgeous week thus far for me and for good reason too. Over the span of the last month, I’ve received quite the Balea haul from lovely ladies over in Austria who have fed my passion for trying out new beauty products and brands.

Balea is one of the brands under DM stores which has under its umbrella quite a wide range of homegrown Austrian brands. The great thing about Balea is that it is constantly coming up with new products, limited edition releases and seems to have a product for everyone in the family.

I’ve already collected quite a few …… and some of them are my bath staples now 🙂 From shower gels, to shower oils, scrubs, bath soaks, body lotions, skincare products and lots more, I’ve been enjoying all that Balea has to offer.


So what are my favourites? It’s pretty hard to choose a few as they are all really good, but I’m going to try to choose the one’s I’ve truly fallen in love with….

photo 2

First up is the Totes Meer Salz Ol- Peeling which translates to Dead Sea Salt Oil Scrub. Infused with lemongrass oil, this uber moisturizing scrub does wonders to your skin. The scrub does it’s job exfoliating and removing sweat, grime and dirt and the oil gently moisturizes your skin. To add to the moisturizing properties of the scrub it also contains olive, jojoba and sunflower oil, and caffeine to enhance the suppleness and smoothness of the skin.

Next up would be my love for all things shimmery … Balea’s Summer Glam Body Lotion is the perfect beach lotion.

photo 1

This lotion that smells of tropical fruits has shimmer particles that are not too showy but gives a gentle hint of shimmery reflection that works well if you’re in a pretty sundress. Infused with Papaya, Coconut and Kiwi fruit  this limited edition body lotion is now tops on my list not just for the shimmer and fragrance but also it absorbs amazingly well.

I’m also loving their range of bath oils and shower gels..

photo 3

Pictured on the left is a bath product that is just ideal for my parched skin. Balea Duschol is a shower oil for very dry skin. Containing 70% vegetable oils and free from paraffin’s this oil does the dual step of deeply moisturizing my skin during a shower. The smell is a little off-putting perhaps because its main constituent is soya oil, but the moisturizing effect more then makes up for the smell. This  250ml bottle retails for about €2.00 which is slightly above RM 10.00

The Dusche & Olperlen featured on the left is another lovely product. This shower gel contain bath oil beads that give you the added moisture during a bath.  This one is infused with a floral fragrance which is not the least bit overpowering.

The Street Art Shower Gel is a hit with my 10-year-old, it’s pink and funky, just the thing for a pre-teen she tells me. This one here is fragranced with berries and has got a nice after shower smell. The best part about this is the price. This 250 ml bottle retails for about €0.85 which is about RM 3.50.


photo 1

The trio above in squeeze tubes here are a couple of limited edition body lotions and a special Creme Oil Scrub. The Creme Oil Body Lotion is very indulgent, as its name says its oily and ideal if you have the dry skin. The thing is do the oil does take a while to be fully absorbed so i reckon only apply it on areas which you will cover otherwise there’ll be quite a bit of transfer on your furniture.

The creme oil scrub in apple cinnamon smells like you’re slathering apple pie in the shower. Quite the odd felling but it’s such a great smell and it does exfoliate/peel really well. I’ve always been a big fan of scrubs and this one definitely lives up to my expectations. It’s neither too gentle nor too rough, just the right consistency to get to those areas that need some good old-fashioned scrubbing.

photo 2

Last but not least is the Balea Skin Care which I hope to try soon. I’m always game to try new skincare if only to test it and compare it with my usual skincare staples. Here in the pictures above is an eye lifting serum and eye care capsules as well as a duo of cremes infused with Q10 for night and day. I haven’t tried any of these yet so I really can’t say if they’re any good. Stay tuned though as I’ll most likely dedicate a single blog post just for their skincare and see how it rates with others that I use.


I must say I’m truly impressed with all Balea has to offer. Their bath range itself is so diverse there’s something for every skin type and concern and whilst they may not be entirely vegan, they try to incorporate as many natural ingredients into their products.  The  price range is also another plus point, most if not all their bath products retails for under € 3.00 ( Rm 12.00) which makes it very affordable good quality productsUnfortunately Balea is not offered here in Malaysia, but if and when they do make an appearance here, I’m sure they’d be getting a firm following hands down.

Om that note for more information on Balea and it’s range of products do head on here, perhaps you can get friends and family to buy things off your beauty wish list the next time they are anywhere near a DM store. I know I’ve already added new things onto my wishlist, hopefully they’ll become a reality sooner rather than later. 🙂



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